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Max. Nissan Juke SUV Review Nissan Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Cars, Nissan Rogue, Nissan Titan, Nissan Skyline, Nissan Armada, Audi, Nissan Sports Car, Nissan Frontier There is a correlation between the tension in the bolt and the effort it takes to turn it. For example, if you use a one-foot-long wrench to apply 10 pounds of force to a bolt head, you're generating 10-pound-feet of torque. html Shop a large range of armstrong torque wrench at MSC Industrial Supply. The powerplant based on the 1. . Hmmm . Summit Tools Bit-Head Digital Torque Wrench, 1/4 inch Drive Adopter, 0. This engine powers the Proton Gen-2, Proton Satria Neo, Proton Waja Campro, Proton Persona, Proton Saga, Proton Exora, Proton Preve, Proton Suprima S and Proton Iriz. thread of head stud. The aluminium 4 valve per cylinder DOHC Campro cylinder head was re-engineered to accept an intake cam phaser for the CFE application. we've even gained torque by switching to a 1. 13 is for commonly available anti-seize lubricants. so thats quicker acceleration for you as well. I doubled back past Tahunanui Beach, toward Nelson’s CBD, and found it as comfortable as any car. Rated 4 out of 5 by Packagingfool from This wrench was durable and clean. most kebabom / "head jahanam" are caused by wrong torque value, wrong torque sequence. Then tighten the plug as specified below: With a Torque Wrench: Please note there are slight variations in torqueing recommendations between spark plug manufacturers. TEKTON 1/2 in. The torque values reprinted in this table are guidelines only and are the exclusive property of API. The staff members of Campro R&D Department have more than 10 years of machine tool R&D experience. I know this because for a normal campro GB, when you rev to 6500 @ 1st, then shift to 2nd, you usually drop to 4000 rpm, but with the CPS unit, it only drops to 4600 rpm. The CamPro IAFM+ is also used in the Proton Saga FLX SE. The 1. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Together, they cited 10 references. 4-2-1 Headers. of the hex head of the fastener. Launching and News of Proton Persona Products Front Active Head Rests Brake Assist Anti-trap Power Window – Driver Side Speed Sensing (20km/h) Auto Door Lock Impact Sensing Auto Door Unlock Active Hazard Lights Reverse Sensors Fog Lights – Front/Rear Rear LED Light Guides LED Indicators on Side Mirrors Central Locking Remote Keyless Entry Alarm System Immobiliser Proton Persona Elegance. 7 M5 x 0. Waja 1. 62Nm or torque at the wheels. 6 hp@ 7000 rpm on the wheel and 188. Proton has been sending a group of engineers to Lotus, UK to develop this turbo charged engine. Engine should be at room temperature for re-torquing. Sufficient boost is achieved by 1500 rpm to exceed the torque of a 2. Moly and other lubes offer reduced friction and increased bolt tension, which will affect the torque figure. !! This is the free   10 May 2011 However there is a drawback of CAMPRO engine where the torque dip at . -lb. honda b16 motor. 5 M12 x 1. 2 up to 13. I attached a chart with all the torque specs you need for your project. And of course, the aftermarket has a variety of premium head gaskets too. KALAU DAPAT LAGI MURAH LAGI BAGUS. The previous Campro was sluggish at low engine speeds and the normally one would need to rev the engine higher to get it going. 6 iafm iafm+ dengan kos repair di workshop bengkel biasa dan harga barang spare part original. Sometimes you have to 3rd gear on a manual Campro just to overtake a slower car in front. The engine now can safely produces a hefty 180++ horsepower with torque reading of 19. The Proton Saga is the first car produced by Malaysian auto manufacturer Proton. The mechanic must be aware of the purpose of torque, and what torque and fastener preload doing to the component Horsepower to Torque Converter is an online tool used in electrical engineering to calculate how much torque will be generated according to the input power value either in horsepower or watts. 6 cfe turbo engine comparable to the 2. Now producing 145 bhp and 168 Nm of torque, the R3 engine is a substantial 25 bhp and 18 Nm up on the standard CPS motor. Made Out Of CNC-machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and Includes Grade-8, six-point hex bolts stand up to repeated adjustments and feature integral washer flange for greater load distribution. In stock and ready to ship. 5 out of 5 by 154. Monday, 28 March 2011. 6 hp CAMPRO NA engine about a month ago. This engine also displayed a torque dip in the mid engine speed range, similar to the one in the larger variant. Share copy paste. 6-litre Campro IAFM engine with 110 bhp at 6,500 rpm and 148 Nm of torque from 4000 rpm with a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed auto gearbox. 500 with a spec eq head. then comes wrong torque value of camshaft caps. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. 6 liter CamPro with bolt on turbo system. Race Garage Campro Gearbox upgrade: * Campro 1. 6 can produce up to 125 hp (127 hp, 93 kW) at 6,500 rpm and a torque increase to 150 rpm to 5000 rpm Nm@4. Save on models including Mazak, Haas, Fadal, Cinncinnati, and more. any higher than that be prepare to invest cos need to custom a lot of things. [3] The development of these machines are often criticized for car lovers often delayed because, although the initial planning for the use of this technology should be used first in 2005. visit https://www. 3 rocker and lowering lift to slightly below . Apply light coat of silicone RTV on N. The first minor facelift was rear boot spoiler, new alloy-rims, new interior scheme (brown & cream), new instrument cluster, and dual airbags and ABS fitted as standard. Note: Cof = Coefficient of Friction. Torque Charts. In 2005, a lower-spec version of Proton Gen-2 powered by 1. The Prestige Concept is said to produce up to 270 horsepower with a torque figure that is rated at about 350Nm. Facelifted again in 2007, Proton Waja received a 125 PS (92 kW) and 150 Nm of torque "Campro CPS" engine. 3 convert to 1. Drive Click Torque Wrench (10-150 ft. 8 torque settings: 4: 1985 mercury mariner flywheel torque spec: 1: Torque and gap setting of spark plugs for Mercury 125hp 2004 Saltwater Series: 0: 1980 Mercury 225 Head Torque Spec: 6 These headers are for a 4 cylinder or an 8 cylinder car, and we'll go into more detail below. Vibration is the main problem with bikes and for bolts prone to it that is where thread locker comes in handy. Driver & Front passenger airbags now comes as standard. An invaluable tool for engineers, the torque extension app calculates the exact torque wrench setting value for required level of torque to be applied. 0 above - More power * High Cam - Many degrees available depending on usage - Price from rm1800 swap basis Increase 10% power campro/ CAMPRO6 The high rigid and heavy loading linear guideways with roller type precision bearing on 3 axes ensuring stability and accuracy in long time machining. 6 CPS engine currently used in the Exora. Proton claims that there is better response and torque at low engine speeds of between 2000 - 2500 rpm. No replacement for displacement! No replacement for displacement! Essentially other parts are the same, the injectors and throttle body are also the same. A handy carrying case is included. To accommodate the increase of engine power, several changes to the technical specification have been done. SizeUNRC Torque (N•m) Inch Metric Size Nominal Tightening Torque Nominal Tightening Torque Size (In-Pounds) Size (N•m) 4 5 6 8 10 1/4 516 3/8 1/2 5/8 Inch-Button Head Metric-Button Head 8-15 30 65 125 200 360 1000 1750 M3 x 0. 75 CAMPRO engine is a basic Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) which has a capacity of 1597 cc and installed with a total of 16 valves developed by Malaysian car manufacturer PROTON. Any tool, even a torque wrench, should be used with common sense. The first result is expected to be out in 2010 or 2011. The name CAMPRO is derived from its key design feature of the CAM PROFILE. - 1. 5% of our annual turnover is allocated yearly as funding for research, in order to promote independent R&D capabilities and make continual improvements to the precision Torque is defined specifically as a rotating force that may or may not result in motion. This was enough to give the Campro 114. Norbar’s torque wrench extension calculator is now available as an app to download free on iPhone and Android. Use these torque extension bars to prevent over-tightening of lug nuts. Again, moving the same torque curve to the right another 1500 RPM (blue, 587 lb-ft torque peak at 6000 RPM) causes the power to peak at about 696 HP at 6500 RPM Using the black curves as an example, note that the engine produces 500 HP at both 4500 and 5400 RPM, which means the engine can do the same amount of work per unit time (power) at 4500 Enjin Waja yang terbaru ialah ialah enjin Campro dengan code SP4H. Front Active Head Rests: Anti-trap Power Window for Driver’s Side: Speed Sensing Auto Door Lock: Impact Sensing Auto Door Unlock: Reverse Sensors: Fog Lights – Front & Rear: LED Indicators on Side Mirrors: Bluetooth® iPod Connectivity® Radio CD/MP3 Player with AUX & USB Ports: Steering Wheel Audio Controls & Phone Switches: Smart It has been announced that in early 2008 the Persona will be equipped with new Campro engines that incorporate a new variable-geometry intake manifold module (Campro IAFM engine) which improves low-end torque and high-rev breathing. Welcome to ProBikeKit USA, where you'll find cycling clothing, cycling accessories, cycling components and bikes at great prices - shop now at PBK! Proton today launched a very special version of their Neo CPS – the Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing. Speed - Speed of electrical motors - output power and torque IEC - NEMA Standard Torques - IEC and NEMA torque classifications of electrical motors Improvised Torque Wrench - Improvised torque wrench with luggage scale Torque Specs for 2002 Mercury 200 Optimax: 1: 1983 18 hp mercury torque specs: 5: looking for torque specifications for mercury marine 1987 470: 1: Mercury 9. The product concept is Enhanced and Elegant Family Sedan. The end result was the RB28Z2, which produces 510 bhp (368 kW) and 540 N·m of torque. (N. Screw in the spark plug finger tight until the gasket meets the cylinder head. 8 Wrench Size "A" Bolt Diameter "B Clean the spark plug threads and ensure the cylinder head is clean of debris. com. kinda depressing when you are on the dyno. See what your car is doing in realtime, get fault codes, sensor data and more! An OBD II engine ECU diagnostics tool that uses a cheap bluetooth ELM / OBD adapter to connect to your car OBD2 engine management system Some features include: * Shows and Resets engine fault codes / DTC trouble codes stored in your car * Can export map/track log files to Google Earth KML / CSV * Engine performance an easy way and lately it is already save to BOT campro as long as u dont overboost the engine. It's measured as the amount of force multiplied by the length of the lever through which it acts. The most important thing is to have the correct torque specifications for the engine you are working on. please help - Proton 2004 Gen-2 question. Sold by SIM Supply. 6 litre campro engine, Malaysian made turbocharged engine giving better horspower and torque You can see all the intercooler piping and intake hose This one is fitted in the engine bay of proton Exora Prestige concept which is most probably the first proton model using the campro turbo engine on production line to be I first posted about the 169. Make Pro Torque Tools your go-to for all torque products. Always coat bolt threads with the proper sealant. this will net you HP around 170-190hp with quite great torque. Since then, this engine have been further upgraded and some minor modification was done to achieve higher horsepower and higher torque without compromising its reliability. This was achieved maintaining the existing cambelt location and now permits 40 crank degrees of intake cam phasing for improved performance, fuel economy and emissions. 5-0. Thicker main webs and four-bolt main caps are just what a turbocharged engine needs. Max torque (combined): 233 N·m (172 ft·lbf) @ 1,500 rpm (limited to 180 N-m continuous) Proton will start commercializing their upcoming hybrid vehicles equipped with the EVE Hybrid System within 2010-2011. However, for the High Line version only the Automatic transmission available. 500. , NANTUN, ST TAICHUNG 408, TAIWAN gear-head for heavy cutting Output torque is 623 Nm, provides wide range of cutting The result is 125 bhp (93 kW; 127 PS) at 6,500 rpm and 150 N⋅m (110 ft⋅lbf) of torque at 4,500 rpm compared to the non-CPS CamPro’s 110 bhp (82 kW; 112 PS) at 6,000 rpm and 148 N⋅m (109 ft⋅lbf) of torque at 4,000 rpm. Report Abuse. One issue raised was the use of dry tooling vs. bulacan area po ako stock bell stock clutch stock clutch spring 1k rpm center clutch spring stock torque drive 5tl belt stock secondary gearing 14'' po size ng mags ko daytona 3spokes with corsa s33 tire. be it NA or BOT, many reported cases on campro failing on the crank. 6 mt cps met - rm 10,000* > active head rest > anti trap power window performance : > 1. The torque is higher, flatter and stays longer in every rpm range which surely tells that this is a rev-happy engine. Stanley Products Stanley-Proto Stanley Proto J6016C 1/2-Inch Drive Ratcheting Head Micrometer Torque Wrench, 30-150-Feet Pound. proto Stanley-proto Industrial Tools JH7-44 Proto H7 Open End Interchangeable Torque Wrench Head, 5-15/16"L, 3600 in. Happy Buying and Selling! Enjin Waja yang terbaru ialah ialah enjin Campro dengan code SP4H. Briggs & Stratton 22 HP Twin Torque Specifications. 6, you will get about 14 extra horsepower and 30Nm of torque. we've ran lift above the stall point of the stock style heads and lost power and tq. Before the supercharger was installed, the Gen 2 already had the cams, exhaust, blueprinted block and polished head. car in good condition 2. The addition of these two pieces of hardware - which is actually what the Campro design was originally meant to be - boosts power by 13. 12, JINGKE 1 RD. Shop Chevrolet Camaro vehicles for sale in Omaha, NE at Cars. Aku bandingkan exo dgn kompetitor dia cam glivina,avanza,suzuki apx,freed, eastar,rondo,carens aka citra n innova. The extension bars work with any impact wrench, even those with an extended anvil. purpose ko lang kaya gusto ko magbore-up is Centrifugal pumps and the characteristic speed torque curve Engineering ToolBox - Resources, Tools and Basic Information for Engineering and Design of Technical Applications! - the most efficient way to navigate the Engineering ToolBox! exhaust manifold design is applied to a Proton 1. Auto body frame machines are ideal when you need to restore the frame to its original shape quickly, easily, and safely. Was this site helpful? On an internal combustion engine, a good rule of thumb, according to head-porting guru Joe Mondello, is that the torque peak rpm usually is about 75 percent of the peak power rpm point on everyday Cuci Throttle Body Rs150r Loading Please wait Home; About Us; Importing. waja campro 1. Persona Elegance is the replacement of current Persona with some changes and new future add. Extreme caution should be used when using a formula for torque/tension relationships. 0 in), The result is 127 horsepower (96kW) at 6,500 rpm and 150Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm compared to the non-CPS Campro’s 110 horsepower (82kW) at 6,000 rpm and 148Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm[2]. The peak torque target of the Proton 1. medyo mabigat. tool wear, torque feedback). A minority of participants expressed a need to incorporate more process specific intelligence into tooling in order to provide real-time feedback (e. Get more out of your torque wrench with an interchangeable wrench head. Whether it is a belt-driven spindle or a direct-drive built-in spindle of high speed and high torque, we are able to provide customization according to customer needs. In grade 8, those numbers are 11 and 9. 6 litre turbo, offering good torque curve, same as 2 litre engine - Able to take RON 88 petrol! - Engine volume is 1,561 cc instead of 1,597 cc on standard Campro due to reduced stroke, but retained bore - Meets Euro 5 emission standard - Despite its Campro beginning, many components and designs are very different - Different engine volume Fastener Specifications (LS3) Fastener Tightening Specifications Application Specification Metric English A/C Compressor Bracket to Engine Block Retaining Bolt 58Y 43lbft A/C Compressor to A/C Compressor Bracket Retaining Bolt 22Y 16lbft A/C Drive Belt Tensioner Pulley to A/C Drive Belt Tensioner Retaining Bolt 50Y 37lbft Electric Motors - Power and Torque vs. Now listing 74974 ads. What is the torque on proton gen 2 head bolts? S4PH CAMPRO ENGINE. However there is a drawback of CAMPRO engine where the torque dip at typical engine speeds of 2,000 to 3,000 rpm. www. It also gained the loss of high end power caused by the AIFM module. With this in mind, we built an R&D team that possesses a unique and innovative spirit. m) A/C Compressor Bracket-To-Engine Bolts 33 (45) A/C Compressor-To-Bracket Bolts 18 (24) A/C Idler Pulley Bracket Bolts 8-mm 18 (24) A/C Idler Pulley Center Nut 33 (45) Battery Tray 18 (24) Camshaft Holder Bolts DOHC 8-mm Bolts 20 (27) SOHC 8-mm Bolts 15 (20) Camshaft Pulley Bolt YCL Over-torque Prevention Interchangeable Head Type Adjustable Torque Wrench View live OBD engine data on your Android phone - Connect to your vehicle ECU; Fully customisable dashboard screens - Design your own layouts and custom dials, use your own themes The engine bay – using 1. 3-litre diesel is a proven performer. Several other manufacturers, including Ford, Lamborghini and Porsche have jumped onto this bandwagon because it is a relatively cheap method of increasing horsepower, torque and efficiency. The Persona Elegance, which ranges from the Base Line, Medium Line and the High Line are powered by the same 1. May 12, 2012 Penggunaan spanar torque dalam top overhaul enjin kereta Torque wrench adalah alat yang digunakan untuk mengetatkan dan menguncikan bolt dan nut atau… Good morning. Bor-It offers a complete range of accessories to maximize the use and value of our high quality cutting heads and augers. 7 kgm3. 8 Clutch kit upgrade - rm750 All in 215mm ( 8. The site is scheduled for maintenance from Sep 27 to Sep 30. do note that campro have tendency to fail on crank. Download the relevant PDF document to get instructions and torque settings. Remember, you may need to vary these numbers somewhat based on the individual joint or the amount of fastener lubrication. The much-anticipated 2011 R3 Satria Neo was officially launched by PROTON yesterday. torque curve moves TIGHTENING TORQUE The following charts are for reference only. it said modified with NISMO parts, is it mean originally only this RB26 DETT Z2 parts is modified and the metal cylinder head gasket is use for this model, but may be some who just want to change the metal cylinder head gasket no matter what RB26 DETT they are using. Reach fasteners in tight spots or get additional torque when needed. However, the VIM technology used in the CamPro IAFM differed from the one used in the superior CamPro CPS. 5 times (on a mass flow rate basis) while maintaining the same torque and power performance. No assumption of liability by API is implied or assumed Convert any ratchet into precision torque wrench with this digital display torque adapter. 6 and 0. Like our other tools customers tell us that we make the best torque tool calibration equipment on the planet. After many years of going around in circles talking to companies such as PSA Peugeot Citroen, Volkswagen and GM, Proton has finally ended up at a familiar place, Mitsubishi Motors. Half think camouflage is the best, whereas th Read More Btw, I think they have cranks for campro engines already from the CFE engine which can be used on campro turbo. This is a pretty good bump in power, considering that stock Campro engines are usually capable of no more than just 90-plus hp at the wheels. 1 12 8-10 SUBJECT DATE Air Compressor Drive Gear Nut Torque December 2010 Additions, Revisions, or Updates Publication Number / Title Platform Section Title Change DDC-SVC-MAN-0080 DD Specifications Information about the air compressor drive gear nut torque is added to this procedure. 5 M4 x 0. Old or damaged fasteners or worn threads may not with stand the recommended torque. 5inch ) Exedy clutch kit from Satria Gti 1. 3 which comes from a 1. Lubrication may be specified in order to reduce the effort that is required for the final turn. lol Bor-It Cutting Head and Auger Accessories. **Genuine campro head gaskets are made in Germany :) You can browse all information online. Proton Waja 2006 Campro 1. 6 97 D16A1 86-89 23 FT/LBS 40 FT/LBS 22, 47 FT/LBS to present its contents accurately. 5% of our annual turnover is allocated yearly as funding for research, in order to promote independent R&D capabilities and make continual improvements to the precision These values are in ft-lbs for new fasteners with clean threads. It has been announced that in early 2008 the Persona will be equipped with new Campro engines that incorporate a new variable-geometry intake manifold module (Campro IAFM engine) which improves low-end torque and high-rev breathing. Kuasa yang dihasilkan ialah 110Hp pada 6000rpm dan torque maksimum ialah 148Nm pada 4000rpm Bagi graf kuasa enjin, enjin DOHC menghasilkan kuasa yang lebih tinggi dari enjin SOHC bermula dari 3000 rpm. Learn more Page 1 of 4 - Campro Cps Bottom/internal Modification (completed) - posted in Car Modification !: One drunken piston refuse to wake up for work after drinking too much sky juice. The head studs are a weak point as they tend to pull out when you put 62 pounds on torque on the studs so any upgrades will have to include larger studs (1/2 over 7/16) improved head gasket technology. Transmission: Auto, Type: MPVs, Mileage: 65 000 - 69 999, Engine Capacity: 1561 cc. There are many methods for measuring preload (see Table 12). A progressive audio notification alerts you when reaching specified torque. Available in Manual and Auto transmission. BMW Vanos head More impressive than the peak numbers, however, is the broad range of useable power that goes along with this system. 0 litre NA engine and to produce more than the peak torque of the Campro 1. 6 litre campro engine, Malaysian made turbocharged engine giving better horspower and torque You can see all the intercooler piping and intake hose This one is fitted in the engine bay of proton Exora Prestige concept which is most probably the first proton model using the campro turbo engine on production line to be Torque Specifications Make Liter CID Engine Model Year Rod Torque Main Torque Cylinder Head Bolt Torque ACURA 1. Motor characteristics are frequently given as two points on this graph: The stall torque, , represents the point on the graph at which the torque is a maximum, but the shaft is not rotating. 8 bar. What Should I Know About Adjustable Campulley for CamPro? sprockets not to be correct unless the cylinder head or block has been machined. Bolt Torque Calculator. It has engraved dual scale 30-250 ft. It does this for two reasons: first, the internal friction of the engine remains largely the same regardless of boost, so the extra power from turbocharging is almost totally available to power the vehicle; and second, the 15 psi of boost in the induction system actually helps push the pistons down on the intake stroke whereas the intake stroke Mercedes Benz Freightliner Engine Torque Specs; Gdi Engine Diagram; class 9 sst chapter; Mcquarrie Statistical Mechanics Full Download; Gracelink Powerpoints; gate physics question paper 2013; Ecce Romani Chapter 32 Translation; Chapter 13 Physics Principles And Problems Study Guide Answer Key; Engineering Drawing And Graphics Free Book Loading Please wait Home; About Us; Importing. 3 1. Engine cylinder head Campro persona gen-2 gen2 for RM 1 100 at Damansara Damai, Selangor. Originally based on the 1983 Mitsubishi Lancer Fiore, the Saga first debuted in September 1985 and retained its core Fiore design for two decades, before a successor designed in-house by Proton was launched to replace the ageing platform in 2008. campro. mechanical failure of the piston or cylinder head. You'll find a great selection of torque wrenches and tools from brands like CDI, TorcUP, & Norbar. I’m a massive fan of the Ducato for motorhomes, and the Campro carved up the coastal road around the delightfully quaint European-inspired Monaco village. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 56 Camaro models in Omaha. Cutting Technology; Cutting Technology Our cutting technology optimizes the effectiveness of Shape Process Automation robot solutions System Calibration Tools. Step by step from start to finish. 07 is for PTFE (Teflon/Xylan) coatings. Mekanik kereta 10 tahun berpengalaman sebagai mekanik kereta di dalam baikpulih enjin kereta,serba sedikit pengalaman tersebut aku catatkan dalam blog ini sebagai panduan asas untuk pengguna dan penggemar kereta. The CamPro engine was created to show Proton's ability to make its own engines that produce good power output and meet newer emission standards. So in summary, checking torque is a good practice as it tells you if you have a decent loss of torque for some reason, but it doesn't guarantee that that bolt is In the first image we see the bottom of the transmission looking up. 6 engine, though subsequent units have been been added with the Integrated Air Fuel Module (IAFM) to smoothen out a notoriously peaky torque curve. Check out our Conversion Software for Windows. Tightening Torque Guide for Grade 5 & 8 Hex Cap Screws This table is based on IFI 5th Edition Technical Data N-12/N-16, using Equation (1) and a torque coefficient, K=0. Tapping into the power of hydraulics and torque, frame machines pack a powerful punch and make a great addition to your repair shop. 25 M10 x 1. 3 chevy suburban 03 model - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. They are called torque to yield bolts and are one time use only. New head bolts must be used when cylinder head is replaced or re-installed to obtain proper torque. Salam, Hari ni aku nak cite pasal pengalaman aku menukar Cylinder Head Engine Campro. engine performance campro hks transparent timing belt cover, power kevlar timing belt TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS Application Ft. CAMPRO ENGINE SPECIFICATION BY PROTON Early units came with the base-level Campro 1. 8 - Rm While for the S4PE, it is able to produce 94 bhp (70 kW) @ 6,000 rpm and the torque of 120 N·m (89 ft·lbf) @ 4,000 rpm. How to install cam shafts, timing belt and set timing for 7afe 4afe - Duration: 5:50. Torque Specifications Recommended Torque in Foot Pounds (Newton Meters) SAE Grade 2 (No Dashes) SAE Grade 5 (3 Dashes) SAE Grade 8 (6 Dashes) Bolt Diameter "B" Wrench Size "A" 8. m) Adapter Housing-To-Transmission Case Bolt 24 (33) Crossmember Bolt 50 (68) Driveshaft "U" Joint Clamp Bolt 22 (30) Driveshaft Companion Flange Bolt 80 (108) Extension Housing-To-Rear Mount Bolt 50 (68) Extension Housing-To-Transmission Case Bolt 32 (43) Campro Patriotic Cap We know the struggle of being in a meeting and hearing both sides of your marketing team argue about which patriotic theme to choose for your custom hats. 5% of our annual turnover is allocated yearly as funding for research, in order to improvements to the precision and functionality of various CNC machine tools. Constumers can view the car at all Proton Showroom. Alhamdulillah, selapas skim dan top overhaul, prestasi enjin Proton Gen2 kami sangat baik seolah - olah enjin baharu. 6 L engine that produces 110 bhp (82 kW) @ 6,000 rpm of power and 148 N·m (109 ft·lbf) of torque. Products include ice axes, crampons, ice screws, pitons, carabiners, nuts, triceps, harnesses, helmets, packs, tents, racing apparel and various snow tools. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Torque specifications for fasteners. The square head on the side is the filler. was designed to provide a substantial increase in horsepower and torque for the This head is compatible with the 110 Bolt-On Kit from Harley-Davidson but is Twin Cam Pro-Touring Elite Head (Available in Air Cooled or, Water Cooled) . You can see from the headers on the right how this design plays out. Berikut adalah punca kerosakan biasa yang berlaku pada enjin campro 1. Can't find something? Try searching. de We sell high quality Cylinder head and parts for a low price. 6 cps ngan wish,stream,pug 3008 n 5008,vw touran, ford galaxy n etc coz bukan tandingan dia. safe would mean that boost would be around 0. This torque adapter has a PEAK mode to show final torque results after you've removed the wrench so you can confirm the correct spec. Xpernah aku banding head to head exora 1. Choose from our selection of torque wrench adapters, including tight-clearance offset sockets, socket sets, and more. tw CPL Series 2 0 0 0-2 0 1 2-1 0 drive and finned head stock construction for excellent heat dissipation. Compared to the stock engine that only produces a mere 110 hp@ 6000 rpm and 145 N m of torque. High torque output combined with constant CAMP USA is a world leader in manufacturing climbing gear, ski mountaineering equipment and industrial safety equipment based in Premana, Italy. Maximize the potential clamping force of a fastener. If you need torque specs take a look at our website at BMW_torque_specs. Cylinder Head Torque Settings. Although the torque peaks at 150Nm at 4,500 rpm, there is plenty of torque available across the band. Contact the manufacturer for updated torque specifications. Bolt Torque Spec Chart for Ford Engines These specs are for stock-type bolts with light engine oil applied to the threads and the underside of the bolt head. It is the responsibility of the user to verify the accuracy of this material before use. [edit] Reception The Campro CPS 1. This is a video of how to replace a head gasket on a BMW. The engine is capable of producing 138 bhp (103 kW; 140 PS) at 5,000 rpm of power and 205 N⋅m (151 lb⋅ft) at 2,000-4,000 rpm of torque. C. Find quality torque wrenches online or in store. A cross-threaded bolt will not properly tighten even with a torque wrench. Read the latest expert review from MCN on the YAMAHA FZ1 FAZER bike. Anytime 'all access' € 250,- * yearly. 4% to 93 kW (125 bhp) from 82 kW(110 bhp) and adds 2 Nm of torque to make it 150 Nm at a peak of 4500 rpm. The ‘RS’ moniker has been dropped, though. . 026, now the CPS manual is 4. TorqHead LTD Home Page. 6L CamPro CFE I4 engine incorporates a low-pressure intercooled turbocharger that delivers 138 horsepower (103 kW) at 5,000 rpm and 205 Nm of torque between 2,000 and 4,000 rpm. It comes in an all steel body throughout. lb. Kereta Persona Discussion about Proton Persona. KEROSAKAN BIASA PADA PROTON CAMPRO IAFM SAGA FLX PERSONA PREVE SEKADAR PERKONGSIAN. 8psi max on std high compression internals. As the name implies, the headers start from 4 pipes that merge into 2 pipes and those merge into 1 pipe. 00. 75 ft-lbs Range, Set Target Torque, LED and Buzzer, Calibrated (BME2-020BN) 6 price $ 19 . patah terus n berkecai The result is 127 horsepower (96kW) at 6,500rpm and 150Nm of torque at 4,500rpm compared to the non-CPS Campro’s 110 horsepower (82kW) at 6,000rpm and 148Nm of torque at 4,000rpm[4]. Long head bolts are used to secure the cylinder head to the engine. wet tooling and how to best incorporate the use of cutting fluids in robotic machining applications on harder materials. For best results Check your Shop Manual! US Bolts Maximum Torque, in foot-pounds, for clean, dry threads; The following table lists general torque specifications for common brands and components. Follow . This article has also been viewed 103,325 times. 6L IAFM was launched on 18th March 2010 by Our MD,Dato Syed Zainal Abidin Mohamed Tahir. com A55 FASTENER TORQUE CHARTS Imperial has made a concerted effort to provide accurate information in its catalog and on its web site, however Imperial assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. facebook. The new Genuine Fractals Proton iafm engine | putra permai community blog My family bought our Proton Persona last year and given the chance to upgrade to Well for starters, with the Campro 1. Clamp load calculated as 75% of the yield strength for the B7 specified in ASTM A193. The New Arospeed Cam Gears Are Designed To Increase horsepower and torque without any cam changes, and are ideal for heavily modified engines. 31hp and 146. Dd15 engine torque spec 1. Interior remains unchanged except for some minor details like instrument panel fonts and the stylish gated shift. 13 Sep 2017 Keywords: Revetec, internal combustion engines, torque calculation, cam profile. The recessed bolt on the bottom is the drain. As a consequence, lower back pressure and Learn how to balance your engine with this article on engine balancing with a 331 Ford small block engine, Featured from the March 2008 issue of Car Craft Magazine. Order heads for CDI, Norbar, Seekonk, and Tohnichi wrenches from Pro Torque Tools. Cylinder head and parts – in our car parts online shop QP24. Torque Settings. Available from stock are lead screws, core screws, cutting blades, carbide chippers and teeth as well as hex adapters, bushings, and shanks. 8, clutch cover, bearing and modified flywheel for more grip and maximum power delivery * Campro LSD Kit - Rm 1350 All in plus installation * Campro Final Drive Ratio upgrade to 4. Graph showing torque of the Campro CFE engine against benchmark engine and base Campro CPS The resulting torque curve, shown as Figure 3, peaks at 205 Nm from 2,000-4,000 rpm to stay within the limits of the CVT transmission, this is achieved with a boost pressure of between 0. 4 Installation of the Air Compressor 12 08-10 All information The aluminium 4 valve per cylinder DOHC Campro cylinder head was re-engineered to accept an intake cam phaser for the CFE application. Cof of 0. **Genuine campro head gaskets are made in Germany :) Nevertheless, when compared to the base-Campro, the torque distribution from CPS is way better, or at least it look so on the dynosheet. The CamPro IAFM was essentially a basic DOHC CamPro engine equipped with a variable length intake manifold (VIM). then, properly torque the cylinder head during assembly. The user assumes all responsibility for the use of this material. CamPro CFE engine. 3 For example, Honda has used the "torque plus angle" method of tightening head bolts for many years, but I do not think that any of their head bolts require replacing so they are not "torque to yield" bolts. 00(nego) The CamPro CPS engine uses a variable valve lift system (Cam Profile Switching system) and a variable length intake manifold (VIM; not to be confused with the stand-alone IAFM used in the 2008 Proton Saga) to boost maximum power and improve the CPS engine's torque curve over the original CamPro engine. T-Handle Keys The T -handle provides a good grip for your whole hand and is more comfortable to hold than an L- key. 20 for non plated steel fasteners and K=0. Generally, horsepower is a unit for measuring the power of various electrical motors, piston engines, steam turbines etc and it is equal to 746 watts or The engine bay – using 1. and its 'rod' down there swung open a hole on the crankcase wallVented hood and an open pod sitting right below the vents caused a serious hydrolock after a heavy rain. Torque is only an indirect indication of tension. While for the S4PE, it is able to produce 94 bhp (70 kW) @ 6,000 rpm and the torque of 120 N·m (89 ft·lbf) @ 4,000 rpm. Designed for use with standard or thin-wall sockets, each torque extension bar is color-coded and engraved with torque range for quick reference. 6L CamPro CFE engine is approximately 205  16 Mar 2012 NS Performance has taken the humble S4PH Campro engine and Powerzone ones to make the most of the ported cylinder head. The best torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, digital torque testers, and torque tool calibration equipment in the world are built at the Sturtevant Richmont plant in Carol Stream, Illinois. tetapi mekanik mengatakan head campro boleh di potong pada kadar yang sedikit sahaja. Dynamic Robotic Solutions and FANUC Robotics have developed a set of complementary software tools that allow users to quickly and accurately achieve process repeatability. Importing - Rifles and Handguns; Importing - Shotguns and Optics Buy Camshaft for AUDI, SKODA, VW ®BTS TURBO (CP10240) to engine cylinder: 1 - 3, Fitting Position: Intake side Intake Side Ready to be dispatched within 24 hours Used Proton Exora for RM 27 777 at Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur. imperialsupplies. Replace your Opti-Spark with an all-in-one crank and cam signal sensing unit. The Capri Tools Interchangeable Torque Wrench is made The Capri Tools Interchangeable Torque Wrench is made with premium components and advanced technology. While the engine bore remains at 76 mm (3. To a small degree, the spring seat on the head may also be machined to gain installed height, but the factory discourages the practice, as thinning the material in this part of the head may cause Importance of Properly Torquing Bolts, Torque Sequences and Online Lookup. The BoxWrench Engine Specs Database is a community resource for mechanics of all skill levels to access a reference library of Firing Orders, Distributor Rotation Directions and Block-Cylinder Numbering as well as Torque Specs, Timing Settings and Cylinder Head Tightening Sequences among other engine specs. R&D Design Tools BK motorsport has recently successfully engineered a CAMPRO engine that produces 169. The Campro CPS engine uses a variable valve lift system (Cam Profile Switching system) and a variable inlet manifold (VIM; not to be confused with the stand-alone IAFM used in the 2008 Proton Saga) to boost maximum power and improve the CPS engine's torque curve over the standard DOHC Campro engine. Torque values calculated from formula T=KDF, where Shop torque wrenches in the wrenches & wrench sets section of Lowes. Find car accessories & parts for sale in Selangor on Mudah. 6 in Selangor Manual Sedan Black for RM 8,800 - 5874939 - Carlist. 3 Neo model. Sold by Ami Ventures Inc. This was Proton's first model to be fitted with their own Campro engine. Some modifications have been made to the cylinder head to allow direct injection of gaseous fuel. No, the head bolts cannot be reused. Rev 3-4-09 Torque-Tension Relationship for Metric Fasteners Clamp Clamp Clamp Clamp Torque specs: Head studs 115 ft-lbs Main Studs 1/2" diameter 100 ft-lbs Main Studs 3/8" diameter 35 ft-lbs Main Studs 7/16" diameter 55 ft-lbs Run head studs into block with 10 ft-lbs maximum. , NANTUN, ST TAICHUNG 408, TAIWAN gear-head for heavy cutting Output torque is 623 Nm, provides wide range of cutting Free campro overhaul manual download - campro Free download campro overhaul manual Files at Software Informer - Genuine Fractals 5 is a revolutionary step forward for image enlargements. Original Cylinder Head for Proton Campro Comes with 14 day return policy if faulty and free delivery anywhere in Malaysia. tw NO. Read the full news from Bernama below. Sekarang semua teksi baru menggunakan enjin campro yang mana cylinder head nya di perbuat dari aloy and mudah bengkok manakala valves nye yang sangat halus membuatkannya mudah terbakar apabila enjin tersebut menggunakan sistem NGV. Primarily used Stock head (PnP) saan po maganda magpaPnP? ung di OVER. Torque. Next, the small-block Chevy uses five head bolts or studs surrounding each cylinder to help secure head gaskets. 6 clutch (OEM) to 1. Read more Read less. 15 for plated fasteners. DANSMC BOLT TORQUE GUIDE Use as a Very Loose & Gooey guide only. It seems like the perfect sticky candidate TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS Importance of Proper Torque. The infamous torque dip of the Campro at 2. Its job to eliminate the torque dip in standard CamPro for smooth cruising and better driveability. It was a very good tool for the money. Increasing spindle torque for a high speed machining center ultimately affects not only the choice of spindle but also the design of the machine. * Port and polish cylinder head - Rm1100 Increase air flow and increase power and torque up to 18% * High compression Pistons upgrade - Rm 1000 Increase compression from 10. The Medium- Line was powered by the 1. Torque, not power, is the most important characteristic for determining the cutting performance of a spindle. Torque can loosen over time through vibration and "torque relaxation". Priced at RM115,000 it has various equipment upgrades including an engine tune-up. com/nastyportflow Proton Campro CNC PORTING by nasty port flow. 0 > 205 nm torque In the Thailand market, this is for the High Line model only and as far as I can find out, it produces 125 horsepower at 6,500rpm and 150Nm of torque at 4,500rpm as compared to the normal Campro’s 110 horsepower at 6,000rpm and 148Nm of torque at 4,000rpm. DT466E / DT530E Torque & Rebuild Specs Main Bearing Cylinder Head Minimum Head Thickness – 5. If the bolt doesn't let go; spray the wd-40 on the bolt and let sit for 1 hour. 3L Campro engine was made available in Malaysia with automatic transmission option only at RM46,000. Are you bored? Try the Fun Stuff. II Importance of Proper Torque When a head gasket is installed between the cylinder head and engine block, tightening the head bolts compresses the gasket   what is the torque on Proton gen 2 head bolts SP4H campro engine. my - 1. All values are approximate. This is a Torque plugin for Malaysian made Proton cars, particularly for Campro engines older than 2010. With a basic SOHC, 16 valve head and a tame version of MIVEC, the Grandis engine (coded 4G69) makes a conservative 121kW at 6000 rpm and 217Nm at 4000 rpm. and 40-338 Nm with ultra-smooth torque dialing and quick torque change with the spring-loaded pull-down Previously our Campro manual used to be 4. 6-litre Campro IAFM engine with 110 bhp at 6,500 rpm and 148 Nm of torque from 4000 rpm. 8 M6 x 1 M8 x 1. torque at idling speed is 108 Nm, which is similar to a gasoline CamPro engine. Engine cylinder head Campro persona gen-2 gen2 - Car Accessories & Parts for sale in Damansara Damai, Selangor Torque Table The following suggested tightening torques provide an excellent starting point for determining torque requirements. We will keep this chart updated so if you want to add information or notice any errors please let us know . * Excluding sales tax (21%) www. They are unlikely to wear out themselves, but are usually replaced as a matter of course when replacing the cylinder head or other engine parts The reason for this is that many head bolts are 'stretch bolts' which stretch to fit when mounted in the engine, and so cannot be reused. Great fun to drive. #16 XlimShady , Sep 20, 2012 Thicker main webs and four-bolt main caps are just what a turbocharged engine needs. TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS Application Ft. "The awesome 2002 R1 engine in a more practical but still high-spec chassis". Typical applications are the following: Track bolts Sprocket bolts Head bolt torque and sequence for a 5. Well they are just some things to ponder from a Packard Guy, I have graviteted to the 1941s with a convertible and a wagon. Ok guys, don't let this drawback stop you from modifying. Torque sequence ----- ' 6 2 3 7 ' ' 5 1 4 8 ' ----- Step 1: torque in sequence to 33 Ft/Lbs Step 2: turn an additional 90 degrees recheck final torque in sequence *** CAUTION ***engine uses Torque To Yield head bolts (TTY) that permanently stretch during the initial installation. DDC-SVC-MAN-0081 41. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No. Brand New - Fit and Quality Guaranteed! Sold Individually Fits for : Gen 2/Waja Cam Pro 1. The superior 1. my Mfg: Martin Tools, PartNo: SW11K, Name: 11Piece 30 Degree Open End Service Wrench, Free Shipping on orders over $99 at ToolTopia. ) is rated 4. The problem of calculating the coordinates of the cam profile is the problem of . The MIVEC system switches to its second stage at 3600 rpm. Lbs. The use of a pulse-divided exhaust manifold allows the turbine to be increased in size by 2. The CamPro engine is the first automotive engine developed together with Lotus by the . Don't hesitate to contact us, so we can find the right automotive spare parts for your car. The engine utilized for the present study is a PROTON CamPro single-cylinder four-strokes spark-ignition water-cooled engine. STUDY THE CYLINDER HEAD BASED ON FATIGUE LIFE  The major modification may include cylinder head redesign, cam shaft or . Several discussions in this technical section stress the importance of preload to maintaining joint integrity. Clint Hightower 376,511 views Phone: 1-800-558-2808 • Fax: 1-800-553-8769 • www. The use of the torque-turn method will allow the following: Increase the life of the fastener. 3 version is famous of its underpowered characteristics due to the car's heavy body weight and is made worse with the torque-dip genes of the Campro. engine running - Carlist. May 12, 2012 Penggunaan spanar torque dalam top overhaul enjin kereta Torque wrench adalah alat yang digunakan untuk mengetatkan dan menguncikan bolt dan nut atau… The basic Campro engine coded as S4PH is a basic DOHC 16-valve 1. New Proton Persona 1. Crank Main caps Tightening Torque For the 12 Pointed Head Bearing Cap Sub-Assembly Bolts Start from center bolts and tighten in a clockwise rotation working out Step 1 all bolts 22 Nm or 16 ft lb Step 2 all bolts 44 Nm or 32 ft lb Step 3 all bolts 45 degrees additional clockwise rotation using an angle indicator. See and discover other items: measuring angle, merchant auto, angle measuring tool, Angle Head Tools, Lisle Tools, torque tool Set up an Amazon Giveaway Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. A bolt of the same size, thread, and material in a given grade can generally be tightened to a given torque; for example, grade-5, 1/4-20 should be torqued no more than 7 ft-lb in cast iron or 6 ft-lb in aluminum. To get access to the technical data and parts information we provide the following options: Anytime 'all access' € 25,- * per month. 040” Head Bolt Torque - Connecting Rod Bolts – 115 ft. Improvement of current standard CamPro engine by having an additional intake air fuel module. available in three trim levels – Base Line, Medium Line and High Line – the Persona Elegance is powered by the familiar 1. 6L CamPro IAFM (Intake Air-Fuel Module) which produced 110 horsepower (82 kW) at 6,000rpm and 148Nm of torque at 4,000rpm. The resulting torque curve, peaks at 205 Nm from 2,000-4,000 rpm to stay within the limits of the CVT transmission, this is achieved with a boost pressure of between 0. 6 N m. 74-14. With plenty of power and torque on tap, the 2. For boost levels up to 10 psi can be done safety on the stock head  9 Nov 2009 Machines with geared-head spindles are typically employed for machining are now discovering that machines equipped with high-torque, integral-drive spindles can Campro USA Precision Machine center open house. Re-torque head studs after initial running. TIGHTENING TORQUES AND THE TORQUE-TENSION RELATIONSHIP All of the analysis and design work done in advance will have little meaning if the proper preload is not achieved. We have also successfully developed the “All-Geared Gear Head”, and brought its characteristic of heavy cutting capacity into full play. The main reason for . The no load speed, , is the maximum output speed of the motor (when no torque is applied to the output shaft). In our car spare parts shop are a lot of different articles. g. com KD Capital sells used vertical CNC machining centers. 6 Campro CPS untuk dijual WUF1096 Year Make 2010 Smooth Engine & Gearbox Full Leather Seats HID Head Lamps lokasi: bangi RM 12500. Customer needs are our foremost priority. com v5. 6-litre CamPro CFE turbocharged gasoline engine model. Loosen the filler by selecting the proper wrench (not an adjustable one!) and turn the wrench counter clockwise. Read real time data, read error codes. With a little more than two and a half years on the market, Proton recently gave the Persona a facelift and re-branded it as the Persona Elegance. The bore x stroke dimensions for both  I just copied and pasted this from another thread. When a head gasket is installed between the cylinder head and engine block, tightening the head bolts compresses the. my, Malaysia's largest marketplace. Buy vertical CNC machines with fast CPUs, Chip Augers, and Ridgid Taps. The aluminum cylinder head has a pent-roof configuration for the combustion chamber with a center-mounted sparkplug. 1 answer 1. That might give the crank more reliability after BOT. Several conversions relating to torque. As speculated, the R3 Satria Neo is powered by the same 145bhp (@ 7,000rpm) with 168Nm @ 5,000rpm torque Stage 2 CAMPRO powerplant that’s also featured in the R3 Satria Neo Lotus Racing. Under/over tightening of fasteners can result in costly equipment failure or personal injury. Cylinder Head Flow Data at 28" H2O [02-20-18] Piston Compression Height, BMEP from Horsepower and RPM, BMEP from Torque, EFI injector size in lbs/hr   5 Oct 2016 Maximum torque improvement was realized at 7000 rpm while BSFC was reduced by (VTEC), Cam Profile Switching system (Campro CPS), Mitsubishi the engine head and improves valve lift and duration upon actuation. Proton claims that there is better response and torque at low engine speeds of between 2000 – 2500 rpm. If you try to reuse the bolts, they may either break or they will come loose in a short period of time and cause The torque values can only be achieved if nut (or tapped hole) has a proof load greater than or equal to the bolt's minimum ultimate tensile strength. Fel-Pro, ASE Certified Master Technician, John Gurnig explains the importance of following the correct torque sequence when removing a cylinder head and reinstalling it after head gasket replacement. MSC Industrial supply is here to support all your metalworking and maintenance repair needs with over 1 million products in stock and ready to ship today! Digital torque testing equipment has been a big part of the Sturtevant Richmont product line for twenty years. In this incarnation, MIVEC means only variable inlet valve lift and duration. Use 85% of the specified torque value for lubricated fasteners. The Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin Engine is a member of the company's Professional Series of small engines. This is a long video so subscribe or save so you can watch the entire video. The result is 125 horsepower (93kW) at 6,500rpm and 150Nm of torque at 4,500rpm compared to the non-CPS Campro’s 110 horsepower (82kW) at 6,000rpm and 148Nm of torque at 4,000rpm. 6 /Exora/ Saga BLM * * Use 75% of the specified torque value for plated fasteners. 99 1300 Chain preset torque wrenches 1310 chain 18 inch preset _torque 1320 Chain 10 in dia 600 ft lb Adj Torque Wrench 1330 Chain 10 in dia 600 ft lb Adj Torque Wrench Close Up 1340 Chain 10 in dia Dial Indicating Torque Handle Html Gallery Creator by VisualLightBox. 0 above - More power * High Cam - Many degrees available depending on usage - Price from rm1800 swap basis Increase 10% power Penulis bimbang kerana dengar cerita orang, head Campro tidak boleh dipotong atau di skimming. Importing - Rifles and Handguns; Importing - Shotguns and Optics wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. lbs. 5k RPM has improved in this new engine and so is the annoying, over-sensitive gradient sensor that downshifts at weird moments on the road. Orders submitted during this period will be shipped out after Oct 1. torque head campro

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