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A. Does require a large tip, I use a SATA 2. I'm sure you have all seen topics similar to these posted. Epoxy primer does not absorb water like high build, so if absolutely necessary parts could be stored outside (but not recommended). Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. Finish 1™ 2K Fast Filling High Build Primer is an excellent quality, two-component acrylic urethane primer-surfacer designed for high build and fast filling of repair areas. The interior was painted to match and then 4 coats of bedliner were applied to the floors. 5102 hs 2k primer-surf 5105 urethane sealer 5120 4. 5-inch, 14-bolt rear axle and a 10-bolt front axle with 4. You want to apply the primer evenly to any area that is to be painted. After laying down a coat of Mar-Hyde Ultimate 2K urethane high-build primer, he sanded the car with first 220-, then 320-grade paper and then water-sanded the primer with 600-grade paper. Click to buy the Spray Max 2K High Gloss Glamour Clear Coat. Click to go to Respirators, Gloves, and Paint Suits. Buy products such as Waverly Inspirations Chalk Acrylic Paint, 8 oz. The dash was recovered and a clinometer was installed. It just seems to be building up to a 'satin' finish. Bondo Fiberglass Resin is the same high-strength polyester resin that is used to build most high-performance watercraft. As someone who has a dented bed due to a corroded rear leaf spring shackle letting loose, you don’t want to ignore a rust issue. , OH 44128-2837 DATE OF PREPARATION INFORMATION TELEPHONE NO. 1 VOC 2K urethane primer surfacer that is designed for high performance with the Spray Gun • Film build (after You are eligible for a full refund if no ShippingPass-eligible orders have been placed. Sikkens Automotive Finishes Recommendations are to be used as a starting point reference and are not an absolute application for all refinish material brands. Our coatings can be fully customized to your specific performance, aesthetic, and process needs to give your products a distinctive edge in the competitive marketplace. a primer/surfacer is a highbuilding primer. Use this on all of my restorations. Less overspray and more effective use of product and smoother finishes (less percussive striking of the surface by high speed paint particles). High build. you do not use a 2k urethane primer/surfacer on bare metal. If you have seen the 2001 DuPont calendar they did the “Cadster”. 2K high build primer ,same primer you used 25 years ago,Remember its best use an etch first. 1 VOC High Build Gray Urethane Primer Surfacer 07/2015 AS3349 AS3349FR CROSSFIRE® Acrylic Primer-Surfacer, Gray MANUFACTURER'S NAME EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NO. Easy to sand. The BEHR Premium Plus 8 oz. ® Exterior Alkyd Stain Blocking Primer 2 coats Super Tough Coat ® DTM Acrylic Semi-Gloss or Gloss Enamel Drywall, Wallboard 1 coat Martin-Senour ® T. P. 6 epoxy black 5181 gray sealer 5182 black sealer 5183 white 5190 2. Browse this selection of Usa Durasole Hardener 4 now! Years ago the Sherwin-Williams store recommended Skyco Ospho. They put a thick high gloss layer of clear coat with UV protection. . The most common places for this are automotive engines, barbecue grilles and ovens. I found what I wanted at three places. “Coatings provide a protective barrier against the corrosion of vehicle bodies,” said Kyle Hauenstein, product manager for Martin Senour Paints. W/R Alkyd . letter to sHareHolders From left to right: John G. Block this and follow up with a 2k urethane for a final blocking for a perfectly flat finish. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: COLOR-PRIME® Tintable Primer-Surfacer P47 is a premium quality two-component acrylic urethane primer-surfacer designed for high build and fast filling of repair areas. In those cases, normal paint, even normal enamel paint can’t handle the high heat and will scorch, eventually peeling. It is sandable within 30 mins fills nicely and very smooth profile when sanded with 400 grit paper. Factory Color Auto Paint. This truck only has 995 original mile on it making it the lowest mileage Power Giant known. A primer sealer was applied after blocking the primer. Primer is needed to make sure the paint adheres to the car. 1 1K High Build DTM Primer 12/2008 AS2817 AS2817SP AS2817FR FP420 Finish 1™ 2. One of their employees went to the Martin Senour facility to learn to mix, apply and recommend the different products and has a certificate from there. Sherwin Williams®, Martin Senour®, Valspar®, Matrix Don't use it, sticking with Martin-Senour products get the 15222 2K Hi Build primer w/ 15422 hardener, 4 to 1 mix so you have 5 quarts sprayable. S. Please make sure you do at least an alcohol wipe between the primer, color, and clear steps (NOT between coats however), especially if you drive around in between painting, as any wax or oils that find their way onto your repair will ruin paint adhesion. I don't need or want a high gloss surface, just something durable that will prevent rust. Primer DP21 2K Tintable Urethane Sealer # Anti-Corrosion Primer DE17 Clearcoat • DC92 Low VOC Clear DC5100 CTR Clear DC5300 CTR Baking Clear Basecoat DIAMONT Basecoat Primer NP80 High-Build Primer (non-iso) Anti-Corrosion Primer EP689 Epoxy Primer Clearcoat •• DC95 3. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. Pink Eraser Flat Interior/Exterior Paint and Primer in One - The Home Depot Bring a sense of royalty to your space with this BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Patina Matte Interior or Exterior Paint and Primer in One Sample. For Sheet metal, we use an etching primer, 15211 on bare metal, followed by a High-build (filler) primer, FP410. Rustoleum rust metal primer is a difficult product. The epoxy primer recommended by SW would have been the better option especialy if it is the high solids high build product. Several versions of block sanders were readied for the Nova. The shine is excellent and being a catalized paint it will hold up just as well. 6 VOC Epoxy Primer-Sealer • Martin Senour Crossfire Epoxy Primer PPG Automotive paint mixing ratios. The Martin Senour Co. GReat outdooRS® 100% acRYlic latex Solid coloR SidinG Stain our very best quality siding stain is the Martin-senour® exterior stain Collection was carefully He and his son Frank Jr. High build primer sanded to perfection Black sealer coat before paint Plain black single stage or base/clear metallic Professional paint booth, not like my front yard lol We will not trailer this car to shows, I know I'm gonna drive the hell out of it, so I couldn't justify the extra cost. Shop for Interior Wall and Trim Paint in Interior and Exterior Paint. TC, I have sprayed Martin Semour paints before. Continuous improvement in product quality & customer service has resulted in the highest word-of-mouth sales in our history. . Sherwin-Williams is dedicated to superior product stewardship and workplace safety. 100% SPI- epoxy, 2k high build, black base and Universal Clear. 5 VOC DTM Epoxy Primer • Martin Senour 4. Otherwise I could have sprayed an inter-coat clear to and then striped over that which would have extended the window. Does it really take that long???? “Anybody know of a good body shop in (enter your city name here)?” “How do I get my body shop to work on my car?” MARTIN SENOUR PAINTS build-up and possible autoignition or explosion when exposed to extreme heat. This product is high-build, fast drying and easy to sand. The PCC® High Build Epoxy coating is a high solids, fast drying, epoxy designed to protect steel, aluminum, and a number of other substrates PCC® High Build Epoxy Primer | Martin Senour Auto Formula Express 2. It's inconvenient and the people are jerks. Please do separate the component documents from this cover page. Martin-Senour__s amazing IPC15 clear coat is sandable in 15 minutes so you can move on to the next job quickly. A. All professional help and advise and the furnishing of most all build parts by Unique Auto Parts. One coat Martin Senour latex primer (#71-1185) and one coat Porter Paints latex semi- gloss finish (#919); wiped with 70% isopropanol Roller painted on one side using Martin Senour Paints. As you have found, prep is everything and you need to use top grade bondo (filler) because it can sink over time. 1K Seam Sealers Part #29362 Part #29362 (4) options available SEM 1K Seam Sealer is a versatile, single component sealer for sealing interior or exterior seams, joints, and voids. It has custom driveshafts and a six-inch suspension lift. PCC® 1K Industrial Epoxy Primer can be used with a wide range of topcoats, and is considered an ideal primer for fleet Find the cheap Building Coating, Find the best Building Coating deals, Sourcing the right Building Coating supplier can be time-consuming and difficult. It is what it say,s on the can. Paint-primer in one is ideal for light to dark color changes and covering light to medium stains. With features such as exceptional gloss, excellent adhesion and beautiful color at an affordable price point, it's no wonder why so many shops and hobbyists choose Finish 1 paint as their paint brand of choice. The primers seem fine although I heard pro's complain about the epoxy (I twas part # cph400 or something like that) being too slow drying for them. I used PPG Omni paint. Jelinek allowed approximately five minutes flash time between coats. The color is Hyundai starlight silver. It is reversible, too! | In My Own Style high levels of methylene chloride by inhal in lifetime studies (efts of overexp) explanation of carcinogenicity:methylene chloride: group 2b (iarc); group 2 (ntp). First let’s talk about single stage paints. 14. When I make these posts and videos I really recommend that you watch the video and read the blog posts. A 2 to 3 mil coat will provide outdoor protection for three to six months, DID YOU KNOW? Primer Increases Scheduling Flexibility giving them plenty of Super Sand Primer 204 Rev 07/11 DeScriPtion: Super Sand is a premium high quality, acrylic primer-surfacer that offers outstanding build characteristics for fast fill-ing, without shrinkage. Our archive is listed by product. I let it set up for about 2 hours and then applied the seam sealer. Lookup formulas with our FormulaExpress(TM). If you have low areas you would like to build up and block sand smooth to achieve a laser straight surface before applying your paint then use the Urethane on top. I have shot laquer and TecBase *love Martin-Senour(sherwin-Williams) and have always used my Campbell-Hausefield PH6500 $40 gun shot color and clear from same gun, never cranked pressure up as high as they say, used proper mixing techniques and have always wound up with good metallic/flake/mica coverage, no orange peel and actually glass smooth Acrylic paints, which come in lacquer, enamel and urethane variants, have different pros and cons. It is compatible for use under all conventional paint systems. RS-768 must be reduced with MRS-165, MRS-175 or MRS-185 Zero V. NAPA carries it locally - it's in their Martin Senour Crossfire line. High-Build Self-Etching Primers fill-in imperfections as they prepare bare metal for non-epoxy topcoats. We use all Evercoat body filler, but all our primer and paint is PPG. Search by both product number or name. Primary use: fill and sandability. Paints & Primers Get Details Paint Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your interior and exterior liquid paint purchase (excludes stains and resurfacers), simply return it in its original container to any US Lowe’s store along with your receipt within 30 days of purchase. With manufacturer-approved matches and perfectly aligned hues, the factory-correct colors that ColorRite has formulated will line up with your OEM paint, and can deliver top-shelf performance that betters original-equipment quality, depth and luster. Buy Paint Primer Sealers - Automotive Refinishing Probase - MS GALPB4203 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. Martin-Senour Paints. I've known this guy for years and he's not a B. I spent way to much time looking for tires. Also, provides good inter-coat adhesion for various automotive topcoats. Well, mixing automotive paint is really a lot simpler than you think. Lacquer Primer Surfacer Grey. C. So my friend tells me, be sure to get the right kind of primer for the paint you plan to use. I usually use the Martin Senior Paints, Crossfire system at NAPA. Let the seam sealer dry for about an hour. The house is finished except for the bathroom where we ran out of primer. This commercial-quality finish maintains consistent, corrosion-resistant color—despite the elements. Bruder & Sons, Inc. 103 Total time to paint the red was 1 hour. Paint and primer go together like peas and carrots. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Finish 1 FP401 Gray Acrylic Primer Surfacer Auto Body Shop Restoration Car Paint at the best online prices at eBay! Division of Illinois Tool Works Inc. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I simply shot the Martin-Senour touchup color that was used on the body, directly over the raw plastic of the seats, dash and side panels--no primer, and no crazing, but a nice, semi-flat finish, having the same color and shade as the body shell. The issue is finding a primer that 1) will adhere to Rustoleum enamel, and 2) is compatible with urethane auto paint. High adhesion primer increases painting possibilities by bonding to a wide r … ange of surfaces. This provides an excellent bond between the metal, primer, and paint. This IS a fire truck so it has to be RED! It took two quarts of primer and as much red paint to get everything covered. X. the products were all martin-senour distributed through napa. Sanding of imperfections is followed by sealer and then paint. It can be used on interior and exterior surfaces, and topcoated with almost any type of material including Alkyd, Acrylic Latex, Urethane, Epoxy, and Lacquer Finishes. About 2 in 1 Filler and Sandable Primer Rust-Oleum® 2 in 1 Primer provides a tough, rust inhibitive base for most brands of Automotive lacquers and enamels. Its unique high-build formula provides a flexible coating with good resistance to chipping and cracking. The bargain Cross/Fire line I think is renamed to something else now and the part #s changed. A pro painter I know does high dollar sports cars. It is easy to mix, dries quickly and can be sanded. 18. Produce an infallible build or fill imperfections in the course of repair activity with the Finish 1 2K HS Urethane Primer. primer followed by a high-build, sandable primer. do the same today and do it FAST. It is intended as a base coat, upon which you can fill with body filler and other products like high build primer before paint. build in flexibility for their scheduling” points out Mark Greenwell, product specialist for Diversified Brands. We have 2 different Epoxys from PPG that we use. Apr 19, 2019- Mint Green Paint Color Chart | Martin Senour House Paint - Color, Perfect for the farmhouse look or creating a room where the decor and other . Find Hardener for sale on eBay! It is a good idea to treat the metal with an acid prep even if it has been sand blasted. 5 that sprays it easily. Note: It is generally not considered a deviation from the original if you improve the finish of an item so long as you do not change the texture or characteristic of that item. Paint is custom metallic periwinkle color base coat/clear coat by NAPA. Details This product was engineered to meet the stringent VOC emissions guidelines in California and Canada. Paint materials ended up being what it would have cost to have it sandblasted n powdercoated but at least ill be able to color match scrapes later on. Just Primer? Some kind of multi pupose filler/primer/sealer? One or all of the above???? :neutral: I saw flat KRYLON black primer yesterday at a hobby shop, so would this work? 1. The net's largest hot rod website. com. I did some quick research and found Kilz High Build primer. One is black that we normally use once the car gets back from the media blasters, and the other is a high build industrial grade. Stores. It's not a bad paint, layed down alright. Shop Now! Sherwin-Williams paint stores are the exclusive outlets for Sherwin-Williams ® branded architectural and industrial coatings and related products. Body filler and epoxy primer. It can be applied direct to metal without the need for a pretreatment or etch primer and delivers an alternative to traditional An application of primer is essential on new wood and unpainted drywall. Yes, the epoxy paint was Martin Senour paint. “That’s why they’re fond of Martin Senour Quick Dry Shopcoat Primer. That said, the interior is really pretty simple. operations and applying primers, sealers and Martin Senour/SW – Prep Technician. Primer Coat. I found another place that's actually a Napa paint store, and I like the store a lot, but they don't stock dupont stuff, they have their own brands, and Martin Senour auto paints. Sand to p600 for topcoat, it's a good primer and sands out well. You cannot receive a refund if you have placed a ShippingPass-eligible order. Bare metal requires the use of a primer before applying paint. PPG®, Axalta®, Sherwin Williams®, Martin Senour®, Valspar®, Matrix®, and BASF® are registered  Martin Senour Int Latex Wall Primer · Martin Senour Kleanz Easy 6383(2) Helmsman Spar Urethane Clear SG · Minwax High Performance Wood Filler  Bare areas were primed with an etching primer (Martin Senour 7220 spray can) builds quickly and requires sanding, and my new favorite; primer/sealers. Both homeowners and professionals will find the perfect paint color in our ColorStudio Collection. Both axles have been rebuilt: a 10. That’s why you may be watching this video and reading this blog post. There’s a little story how I first discovered this color. You can follow the self-etching primer with a high-build primer to help with surface imperfections, or if you’re relatively happy with the surface, with a top coat. One primer (#71-1185) and two finish (flat, #70-1001) coats; wiped with 70% isopropanol Wiped with 70% isopropanol 3. Craig, Tint/PRIME is a urethane primer and not an etch at all. BumperPro repairs are undetectable, thanks to the color accuracy of ProBase paints, and the blending techniques you__ll learn. Surfaces adequately cleaned and prepared prior to application of the primer coat 3. 2 Application of Agents to Test About High Performance Enamel Spray Provide a tough, attractive coating that withstands heavy-duty environments with Rust-Oleum® Professional High Performance Protective Enamel. Sherwin Williams R1K213, Martin Senour 6387, PPG DX330, DuPont 3939S, BASF 901. morikis, President and chief operating officer christopher m. connor, chairman and chief executive officer Sean p. with 30 years of automotive painting experience i have There was one of our " boondock" accounts that used Martin-Senour from the local NAPA store. “There’s some 200 to 300 man-hours in the prep work and finishing alone with this car,” says Carlson. This lead free primer-surfacer is a “true” acrylic. My next question was if you could use the reducer from SPI with wanda it looks like you can as someone already said. 3. Dec 1, 2001 I was also told that I could paint right over the primer there was no need for a sealer. Box 6709 Information telephone number (216) 566-2902 Cleveland, OH 44101 Date of preparation January 1,1998 ©1998, The Martin Senour Co. good color matches and when it burns off the ports, you can spot it back in easily. “When it comes to the final paint job, we prefer single stage automotive paint such as Martin Senour or PPG brand,” explains Sackett. Is it bad stuff? I found people on you tube who have used it and the seem to like it. Learn when each type of acrylic paint should be used. All copies/receipts of major build items are available. Real epoxy primer is a two-part mix, with a hardener that has to be added before spraying. No clear is necessary to produce a gloss. Dupli-Color® Scratch Fix All-in-1™ Exact-Match Automotive Touch-Up Paint is the all-in-1 tool for all your Our paint and primer SDS & TDS Sheets provide detailed safety and technical data for all our products. Lifetime inhalation exposure of rats and mice to high The first step to completely painting a car is priming the car. This three-bedroom cottage has just the right rustic mix of vertical wood siding and stone accents. “Some customers pre-fer the implement brand paint, but gen-erally it is more difficult to Spray Max 2K Single Stage Aerosol Auto Spray Paint. Pratt & Lambert is the unsurpassed, uncompromising paint choice for designers, architects, professional painters and discerning consumers who insist on a flawless finish, beautiful, trend-right colors and true color accuracy. Topcoat only with approved base-clear paint system. Alkylid enamels work OK over it, as long as the primer has "cured" a couple weeks. (MRS-8500) · Super High Build Urethane Primer . In 2007, the Group recorded sales of $4. In March 2012, the Hazard Communication Standard was revised to align with the The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). Cover the rust out with fiberglass cloth 1) Make a pattern of the rust out to transfer to the sheet of fiberglass. Primer Surfacer. The paint brand name was 'crossfire' and the color was 'strong black. Amerlock 400 High Solids Epoxy Coating. Get deals on automotive parts, Line: Martin Senour. Napa also has an entry level product called Finish Line which is cheaper than the Martin Senor. by color marketing and design manager for Martin-Senour Paints. Use our paint charts to find the right gun setup for your needs why you never use POR-15 EVER!!!! then apply their etch primer and spray again. Emphasize the violet hues in High Tide with purple, gold and yellow décor. | Epoxy high build primer was laid down as a base: Flat Black and Nasty. No-glare glass bezel to reduce scratches and dirt build up. Very little body filler was used, no more than 1/16th of an inch at the most. High Build Primer Surfacer endorse or guarantee Rubber-Seal® Medallion™ Refinish System products. Mixing brands is just not a good idea. Three coats of Martin Senour 2K Primer Surfacer were each smoothed down with up to 600-grade paper. 5 voc primer 5220 2. Step-by-step tutorial showing how to make a decorative folding screen out of bi-fold doors found at the thrift store. MyPerfectColor specializes in exact match paint color solutions for business and residential clients who need precise touch up paint, OEM paint, or paint for marketing applications. 5 oz. Larger bare metal areas must be properly treated. In the video above I break down the 24 hour or less EL Cheapo paint job. What kind of primer you use will depend on what type of paint you want to use for final coat. More photos are available upon request. The first mistake I made in high school was using sealer instead of a high build sandable primer. Follow up with Martin senour high build urethane primer (I'm blanking on the paint numbers, I'll check tomorrow if you want it)on the entire repaired areas. Do you want to learn how to paint a car fast?. Welcome to the Paint Talk - Professional Painting Contractors Forum. Each type of AutoRefinishSupply. OEM FLEx PRIMER BLACk AND ROSE This ready-to-spray OEM primer is formulated for use on plastics, composites and metal. For a full line of automotive primers, you can’t beat the wide selection here at Eastwood. How long do you let the primer dry? Car Modeling Car Forums The primer needs to be dry at least 2hr before you can even really touch it and wet sand it but I What high build primers do you use? I was googling around and found some excellent reviews of a rattle-can 2-part epoxy primer from Eastwood, but it's pricey at $22 per can for the high-rated grey (look for Eastwood 2K Aerospray on Google if my link doesn't work) Has anyone used this? One of my fave paint colors I go to time and time again is an old, old Duron color called Sugar Cookie. Here's an epoxy primer they have: Sheet metal and parts requiring an extremely smooth finish get an etching primer followed by a high-build, sandable primer. I'm relatively new to auto paint, but it went down easy enough. Part #29462 Ez Coat™ is a direct to metal coating that matches the color and Two-pack primers are commonly used in the automotive repair industry and they are applied to vehicles for several different reasons. com/msds/gn. I mention NAPA Martin Senour paints mostly because I know that there are about 7200 NAPA stores in America and everyone on the board is pretty close to a store where they could get some. | 6600 Cornell Road - Cincinnati, OH 45242 | (513) 489-7600 Maine Paint Stewardship Program as of 9/4/2019 Page 1 of 11 Registered Brands 2201 Grabber Primer 268 Ceiling Paint 563PrimersEnamel Undercoater Ace Contractor Pro Paints and Ace Essence Paints Ace Great Finishes Interior Stains & Varnishes Ace Interior Premium Enamels Ace Royal Finest Paint Ace Royal Paints and Primers Ace Rust Stop Enamels JP202 is a two-component, catalyzed urethane primer surfacer designed to deliver high film build, fast dry and easy sanding with good holdout and durability. Nissan Sentra 2006, Scratch Fix All-in-1™ 0. If you are unsure of the product but know the manufacturer name, the best option is to use our search function. AliSourcePro makes it simple, with just a few steps: post a Buying Request and when it¡¯s approved, suppliers on our site can quote. KILZ Adhesion is a unique latex primer developed to bond securely on slick surfaces where a traditional water or oil-base primer will not adhere. posted: September 19, 2008 Just sprayed a frame with it and it is some nice stuff. I want to say the epoxy primer in the Cross/Fire part #ing was CP400. Just go whereever you are getting the paint from and get a mixing chart. There are several types of acrylic car paint that can be used on a car including acrylic enamel, acrylic lacquer and acrylic urethane. It is available in 27 intermixed colors to provide a similar colored ground coat. Section 1 -- PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION PRODUCT NUMBER DATE OF PREPARATION HMIS CODES Health 2* CR733 13-AUG-08 Flammability 3 Reactivity 0 PRODUCT NAME CROSSFIRE® PLUS Reducer, Moderate MANUFACTURER'S NAME MARTIN SENOUR PAINTS 4440 Warrensville Center Road Jean first block-sanded the entire car with 180-grade paper, then filled in any low spots with 3M finishing putty and block-sanded the entire car yet again. 10 gears and open differential with custom truss. Re: etching primer vs regular primer? When I worked at a hot-rod shop, the paint system (all solvent-based) we used specified etch primer, then high-build primer, then topcoats. Carlson worked with NAPA and Martin Senour to select the Velvet Red from the 200 colors available in the deck, then he gave it a “double dose” of crushed reflective crystals (see video below). After two previously failed car paint attempts the stars finally aligned today. In this case, the Customer Care team will remove your account from auto-renewal to ensure you are not charged for an additional year and you can continue to use the subscription until the end of your subscription term. Best High Temperature Spray Paint: High temperature paint is specialty paint for use in areas where normal paint would be damaged by heat. Whats New with Our Website! Our website has been redesigned and updated! We extensively reviewed the site experience and got feedback from regular users   Buy Spray Paint - Specialty Primers - MS 7226 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. 6 epoxy primer 5121 4. He raved about the #15206 (2K) High-Build They will custom mix any color(s) I need right on site. We promote a high quality collection of items in stock and ready for shipping today on the the internet. Very high build primer. The body is all GM sheet metal and is painted with Martin Senour primer, sealer, base colors and clear coat. (Again, what's more important is the above-described prep. May 17, 2019- 2014 MercedesBenz EClass Diamond White Tricoat 7999799 Paint Quart 32 oz * You can get more details by clicking on the image. authorities and both Monarch INFORMATI MONARCH PRIMER AND HOUSE PAINT The Ideal ''Two - Product" System When Martin-Senour's Monarch Yes its tedious and time-consuming but bare metal pays big dividends that result in a great paint job. Universal Reducer to be compliant with National Rule. Check out healey3000 1963 Austin-Healey 3000 in Sturgeon Bay,WI for ride specification, modification info and photos and follow healey3000's 1963 Austin-Healey 3000 for updates at CarDomain. Contact the company or visit its website for more details. Finish 1. ColorRite can make it perfect. After a couple weeks in high Florida Humidity, everything is holding together better than expected. 5 VOC Urethane Clear DC98 Low VOC Clear DC5300 CTR Baking Clear High Performance Coatings Dev Guard 4348 Labor Saver High Performance Acrylic Rosco Flamex P50 Flame Retardant Ready-Tex Spray Texture Project Fire Safety Interior Fire Retardant Flat Black Paint Quality Touch Flat Shaw 1000 Superior Grade Carpet Adhesive Dri One Flame Retardant Ultra Glo High Build Pour-On Polymer Coating Martin Senour Paints Section 1 -- PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION PRODUCT NUMBER DATE OF PREPARATION HMIS CODES Health 2* 7226 13-AUG-08 Flammability 3 Reactivity 0 PRODUCT NAME TECnique™ 2N1 Aerosol MANUFACTURER'S NAME MARTIN SENOUR PAINTS 4440 Warrensville Center Road Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Search. There is barely any orange peel. ® Interior Multi-Surface Latex Enamel Undercoater or ss of the MARTIN-SENOUR "TWO-PRODUCT SYSTEM" to meet it work, Monarch Primer should be spread at the rate of 450 }id be spread over Monarch Primer at the rate of 550 square feet lies as recommended by F. I don't know why, but to my knowledge, it is something that affects only the reds. Dude at HD advised I start with this over automotive primer as the Self Etching chemistry of this product would eat into the metal slightly providing a better bond for top coatings. This site includes Sherwin-Williams automotive refinishing product information ranging from surface preparation to topcoats as well as key marketing, training and warranty information. FP405 is designed for spot and small area repairs. This truck was in service at a private air strip in New Jersey when purchased new in 1959. Single stage paints are a stand alone type of paint. Paints and paint colors that will transform your world. Body filler and epoxy primer Body filler and high-build primers can be used on top of epoxy primer. The inside of High Quality Car Paint & Auto Body Supplies at Competitive Prices! PaintForCars. CAS INSTANT PRIMER SURFACER, 3253, MEDIUM GRAY no ient for this formulation_ient msds toxicity property MARTIN-SENOUR AUTOMOTIVE SALES CNTNRS TO PVNT PRESS Find Your Sherwin-Williams Store. I used Martin Senour Prism paint for the first time and must say it went on very well. My base is Martin Senour PRO Base and I am using the FC720 Ultimate Clear. Tec/BASE® Premium Solventborne Basecoat: Achieving Color Excellence · Tec/ BASE® High Build Polyester Primer, 5192 · Tec/BASE® Poster (English)  Martin Senour full line of Undercoats & Primers. Just before the first coat of paint, we use a sealer. I have a 1999 WJ and i want to paint the bumper so it will stop fading every month. Yes it is a good bit more expensive , but it's the proper primer for modern paint systems. Emergency telephone number (216) 566-2917 (due to the build-up of pressure) when exposed to extreme In a confined area vapors in high High Build Primer PW8 Intermix Rod & 08/2008 AS2816 AS2816SP AS2816FR FP410 Finish 1™ 2K HS Primer Performance Plus™ 03/2008 AS2805 AS2805SP AS2805FR FP415 Finish 1™ 2. What have you had the best luck with. — Section 1 — Product Identification INT/EXT INTERIOR INTERIOR EXTERIOR LATEX LATEX LATEX LATEX STAIN BLOCKER WALL PRIMER DEEPTONE I was right at the end of the window with stripes and life getting in the way. However, according to Bob Vila ("This Old House") it is not always necessary to apply primer on previously-painted interior walls. The disadvantages are that the finish is soft and fades faster. Then a lot of block sanding. NAPA Martin Senour 1K Industrial Epoxy Primer? discussion in the Paint and Bodywork forum at Yesterday's Tractors. Well i would suggest useing prepsol after the blaster then dupont sells a high build rattle can PRIMER if you dont have a gun. Etches and primes bare metal in 1 step Fills-in imperfections, sands easily Strengthens adhesion, durability, and color hold-out Use with non-epoxy primers and topcoats Made in the USA Eastwood's FP410 Finish 1™ 2K Fast Filling High Build Primer. Sanding of imperfec-tions is followed by sealer and then paint. We think Stix is the best bonding primer you can buy. Zinc Rich Zinc-rich primers that protect your structure from corrosion. Other than that it went fine. Used the etching primer first, this is the high build primer. there is no evidence to date that methylene chloride causes cancer in humans. Get gorgeous repairs like these, every time. Emergency telephone number (216) 566-2917 P. Every company mixes their paint differently with different compounds. 0 Has anyone here used any of the Finish 1 FP415 High Build DTM primer? I tried it recently and had awful luck with it. One prime coat and one finish coat of polyurethane paint 2. Hot rods, street rods, and muscle cars. I put a think coat of the urethane putty on the body seams that had the high/low spots. Now, my boss was a bit parsimonious, and he never used the etch primer first. Attacking it with wire wheels, both knotted and crimped, stripping wheels, random orbital sander, cabide scraper, methylene chloride, and 80 grit flap discs. This product is a kit or a multipart product which consists of multiple, independently packaged components. No need to clear coat. Make sure you use a paint primer exterior as this will be tougher then interior primers. Took some extra finesse to get used to that situation. Body filler and high-build primers can be used on top of epoxy primer. Cover truck for our 2017-2018 Tech Manual this truck debuted at the 2016 SEMA show in the Ford Corporate booth. In any event, there is an optimum total primer/paint build thickness. Paint company recommendations for fast and easy setup of your DeVilbiss spray guns. After that, three wet coats of Martin Senour TP520 Primer Surfacer with complementing TH527 hardener were applied. Martin Senour has just brought out a new product called Rust Proof M/D this Klass Kote Epoxy Auto Primer is a high build primer sealer with excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance. Products include inorganic zinc primers, zinc-rich epoxy primers and moisture cure urethane zinc primers. I only use nitro cellulose; safer than two pack and is more forgiving. Tape a sheet of paper (newsprint works well) over the rust out and mark one inch beyond the edge of the rust out with a Sharpie marker. P950-5505 Waterborne Primer-Surfacer is a grey primer-surfacer based on the latest 1K waterborne technology which has been optimized for use with Aquabase ® Plus waterborne basecoat. 50 (Red Oxide only) • Long pot life • High build coating for economical application • One year recoatability i have used Napa's stuff, its made by Martin Senour, including their epoxy primers. This primer surfacer is a fast-dry lacquer primer that sands easily after 30 minutes. Many, many years ago, through a job I had at the time, I met a delightful lady who was the wife of a professional coach for a local Matrix System’s MP-200 DTM Primer Surfacer is a premium direct to metal (DTM) primer surfacer. Building A Spray Booth · Downdraft Spray Booth · 56 Packard Caribbean . After sanding down my putty and primer repairs, I followed Randy's advice, sprayed extra primer on low panels and then put on three good coats This time, I put some reducer in the primer and the finish came out MUCH nicer. This primer offers a high film build, quick dry times, and can be sanded in 30 minutes. Rustoleum primer stays soft a really long time. ' The primer part number was fp401 i believe, the pictures above show you what it was. 3 House of Kolor; 5. Devoe High Performance Coatings Dev Guard 4348 http://hazard. Manufacturers of Painting and Coating Browse companies that make Painting and Coating and view and download their free cad details, revit BIM files, specifications and other content relating to Painting and Coating as well as other product information formated for the architectural community. MINERAL SPIRITS CANNOT BE SHIPPED INTO CALIFORNIA Fiberglass Door Applications: *One coat of Oil Primer/ Nature's bounty inspires fall interiors. That will tell you what to mix. Despite the ongoing problems with the service manual, which I hope to put behind me very soon, I've managed to continue making progress. 1959 Lil Mo fire truck built by American LaFrance Company on a Dodge W205 chassis per their specs. Exterior- do your repairs, then prime any bare metal (or the entire thing) with PPG Omni Epoxy primer. The manifold coatings work excellent though, although the 'velvet black' has been known to gray up a little after a couple years. com has been providing quality auto paint and automotive body supplies at competitive prices since 1998. Primer finishes were great back in the I do as much as I can but it's not a walk in the park as they say. Finish 1™ 2. Dual-Mix™ High-Build Self Leveling Seam Sealer 1K Sprayable Seam Sealers. I know brush painting works alot better, but it is a real pain when trying to do the small parts. Our primer paint works great over freshly sand blasted metal, body filler, on fiberglass, and will fill minor scores and surface imperfections. Paint & Bodywork - martin-senour 2kfiller primer help! - ok guys my bodywork is about done and i am happy with it smiles. If your business is bringing wood to life, your finish should be Sherwin-Williams. 1 voc polyester primer 5204 black ureth primer 5205 low voc ureth prim 5206 low voc primer wht 5211 0. How to order: Well, I am steadily making progress on the lathe after I get home work. In other words, the “window does not close. Stix is a low VOC primer, which levels to a smooth surface and cleans up with soap and water. Martin Senour Paints. I had queued up six parts that had been sanded and ready to spray prime with Martin Senour Crossfire primer. The common epoxy paint you buy at the local hardware store in an aerosol can is not considered a true epoxy primer. The Urethane's purpose is a high build/ block sanding primer. i would say 2 to 3 coats should do . ® Exterior Latex Primer or 1 coat Martin-Senour ® T. This basecoat covers like a solvent-based product, but reduces 96 percent of VOC emissions. Mixing, flash times and cure can be somewhat intimidating, even when all goes right. It does indeed get reduced. Martin-Senour ®, Dupli-Color ® and in the 1970s began to build a fleet of company stores selling architectural Some red colors are notorious for pigment separation. Note: Use in a well ventilated area and use a respirator mask when spraying this product. The color is the core of your paintjob. hennessy, senior Vice President—Finance and chief Financial officer We are pleaSed to report that 2011 WaS another record year for the Sherwin-Williams company. We teach you how to block sand, how to apply body filler, how to sand body filler, how to spray primer, how to spray high build primer, how to sand primer, how to spray basecoat with an HVLP paint 15201 red primer-surfac 15204 high build hs 15206 2k hb extreme fill 15221 econo prime gray 15222 2k fast fill hb ©2019 martin senour autopaint KLEANZ-EASY ® Solvent Based Cleaner (6383) Martin Senour Paints Krylon ® Fusion for Plastic, Red Pepper (2328) Krylon Products Group Krylon ® Sandable Primer, Gray (1318) Krylon Products Group Loctite ® 243 ™ Threadlocker Henkel Corporation Loktite Stain Blocker Interior Alkyd Primer-Sealer, White (037-159) M. Color Martin Senour Hardener For Sale. I ask him what kind I should use and he says, we can shoot just about anything. A Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Article Information Sheet (AIS), or Article Information Letter (AIL) for each of these components is included. The reflective qualities of paint on a car go a long way to setting the mood of the build and helping to highlight the shapes and curves of the car body. 1 epxy prmr blck Buy Paint Primers - Automotive Refinishing - MS GALFP415 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. I have used Finish 1 etch primer and the FP410 Urethane primer and have had quite good luck with them so I thought I'd give the 415 a try. The cruiser was then primed with 4 coats of high build primer and painted outside with 5 coats of Martin Senour Acrylic Enamel Freeborn Red paint. , by Brian Martin 'Anybody know of a good body shop in (enter your city name here)?', 'How do I get my body shop to work on my car?', 'My car is being held for ransom!', or just simply 'Body shop Blues'. We serve a diverse customer base, which includes architectural and industrial painting contractors, residential and commercial builders, property owners and managers, OEM product finishers and do-it Acrylic Urethane Tintable Primer-Surfacer . SMC resin and primer advances prevent paint pops David White writes this article in his capacity as executive director of the non-profit Automotive Composites Alliance (ACA), which promotes the uses and benefits of composites in automotive industry. What is the best spray paint that you can buy? I have tried a few brands that were pretty bad and chipped off really easy when assembling my engines. Have extra touchup paint & paint formula of Martin-Senour paint. What others are saying Just cause I grew up on a lake, I love these styles. com sells DuPont, Nason & House of Kolor automotive paint finishes, car paint colors, metal flake paint, speed reducers, adhesion promoters. Rust Busting: How to Revive a Corroded Frame. They are not meant to imply that any given air cap/fluid tip combination can not be used to successfully spray any given refinish material. (MAB) The Epoxy primer is certainly fine to stand alone as a primer underneath your paint. I have used both the cross/fire primers (epoxy and the 15221/15222 high build) and also the single stage urethane. Depending in how deep the pits are a good high speed laquer primer or a light coat of body filler for large and deep ones. Filler. Provides maximum gloss holdout, eliminates sand scratch swelling and promotes excellent adhesion. I haven't sprayed their "high build" primer as I switched brands. Well, you’re in for some exciting news today. The color swatch is only a representation. A good bonding primer is essential to ensure that topcoats adhere to tough-to-paint surfaces. 1 Akzo Nobel; 5. High temperature LCD display works up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit with back light for night time striping. Do NOT topcoat with single-stage urethane paint, 2K primer surfacers, or 2K sealers. A gallon of the Primer Sealer with reducer set me back $75, but sprayed super nice. Auto Paint Lint Free Cloth Martin-senour Auto Paint Auto Paint Restoration Auto Paint Jacksonville Florida Oxidized Auto Paint Repair Auto Paint Lacquer Mahopac Auto Paint Auto Paint Kansas City Auto Paint Repairs Aerosol Auto Paint Auto Paint Toy 8n1 Auto Paint Tricks With Pearl Brault Auto Paint Brians Paint Auto Body Fayetteville Ga Sanding flash. epoxy and self etch usually do not Total material cost for the Roadster using Martin Senor products was under $800 for 2 gallons of hi-build, gallon of sealer, thinners, reducers, base and clear. The system is capable of mixing topcoat qualities with a wide choice of primers and clears, creating a unique system for various operational and cost considerations. I'm using SPI epoxy and 2k high build primer from SpI and plan on using the clear as well. Couple of pro body guys here use nothing but SEM high build primer. com PCC® 1K Industrial Epoxy Primer is a 1K high-solids, direct to metal epoxy primer offering excellent performance properties and topcoatability. ©2012 The Martin Senour Company Printed a 2. I did use a high build sandable primer to smooth out any dimple in the glass. O. 1 VOC 1K High Build Primer is a single component, low VOC primer. "When it comes to the final paint job, we prefer single stage automotive paint such as Martin Senour or PPG brand," explains Sackett. 2 TO3 coats dont pile this stuff on. Black Primer 3. Globally Harmonized System - Safety Data Sheets (GHS-SDS), Product Data Sheets (PDS), and Environmental Data Sheets (EDS) are available for all Sherwin-Williams professional paint products and outline technical specifications, specific ingredient composition, health, safety, fire and environmental hazards Soft velvety eggshell finish paint resists dirt with a scrubbable film for easy cleaning. it will build up thick so you can block it flat and remove imperfections. Also used the cross/fire 2k primers. Interior/Exterior Paint Sample lets you try a color before you buy it. For most pieces we use an epoxy primer to seal the bare metal and then paint it as soon as the epoxy is "tack free". Jul 30, 2018 steel, the steel must be primed with a suitable primer approved by. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT STORES ARE THE exclusive outlets for Sherwin-Williams ® brand paints, stains, painting tools and equipment. Avoid painting outdoors or on humid days at all costs. If I had to do it over, I would probably have tinted the 2K primer with a bit of green as I had to lay down approx 6 coats of color to cover the standard light gray colored 2K primer. 1K base coat requires a clear coat. NAPA/Martin Senour Unveils Custom Confessions of a body shop owner. Download a map of VOC Regulated Locations (PDF) Download a list of VOC Restrictions for Coatings by Regulated Area (PDF) Dutch Door Kit - Hollandlac (Paints). at Walmart and save. For use on metal, wood and fiberglass surfaces. for the engine paint stick with VHT or Napa's Martin senour. Finish 1 paint and supplies from Sherwin-Williams make a great addition to any garage or body shop. Always use primer on metal surfaces. It all looks the same and the paint isn't falling of the tub. ” Apply basecoat directly over Bumper & Cladding Coat Adhesion Primer, then clearcoat. with this style primer is a self etching which means it set quick so use thin layers not to get runs . The Martin Senour stuff is (Sherwin Williams) auto paint. It is very thin like water and is liberally sprayed or brushed onto the rusted metal. Bondo Bondo-Hair Filler eliminates the need for fiberglass cloth, and Bondo Fiberglass Resin Jelly is a non-drip formula for vertical surfaces. cgi?query=DEVOE&start=900&whole=whole Rust-oleum Labor Saver High Performance Acrylic http To maximize protection from oxidation, rust and corrosion for sheet metal car bodies in harsh corrosion areas of the country or when high amounts of road salt are used to clear ice from roads, Tom A. This primer is a top-quality, two-component coat that is known to provide wonderful adhesion to surfaces and gives them a boost of shine. Expensive, butThe house is finished except for the bathroom where we ran out of primer. MARTIN SENOUR PAINTS (216) 566-2917 4440 Warrensville Center Road Warrensville Hts. H. It was rough. Tnemec. Isolatek International. Use your current location or enter your ZIP/Postal Code below. A final coat of sealer was applied before base colors were laid down. 4 Martin Senour Body filler and high-build primers can be used on top of epoxy primer. Base coat/clear coat is a very high end modern finish not originally used by Triumph  When topcoating directly over PB4101 Pro/BASE primer surfacer, finish sand with Note: High film builds and cool temperatures can increase dry times. I woudl just rough up the fiberglass a little bit if it is smooth, I used 1000 grit paper on a palm sander and barely put any pressure on it while I quickly ran over the fiberglass. 5. We currently use all Martin-Senour (Napa) primers and paints, except where noted. Get the best deal for Epoxy Primer from the largest online selection at eBay. Black DUTCHBOY MARTIN SENOUR Z49W00850 1 Gallon Exterior Semi-Gloss White Rust-Oleum 230231 Gallon High Gloss Semi-Transparent Base One Shot Coatings by Bare Ground 1 Shot Anti-Fungal Primer (Gray) by. July 1, 2015. Building product manufacturers of Painting and Coating and their related csi 3- part specs, Primer for MAPEI Peel-and-Stick Membranes, High-Performance . Browse nearly ready-made house plans to find your dream home today. Left: I wouldn't suggest this for a first time paint job. For sheet metal or other parts that require an extremely smooth finish, we first use an etching primer followed by a high-build, sandable primer. The cylinder head presented quite a challenge to clean, sandblast, and prime because I had to take great care not to sandblast or get primer on the intake gasket and head gasket mating surfaces. Exact-Match Touch Up Automotive Paint Scratch Repair Kit by Dupli-Color®. High Tide is a classy cornflower blue. X . I am not experienced in it so i was wondering if somebody would give me a step by step of how to do it. I have most of the interior stripped down to bare metal. Also can PPG self etching chroma primer be topcoated with PPG Hi Fireball. You don't have to have an adversarial relationship with your body shop -- Here's The Stovebolt Page's resident body work Guru, Brian Martin, with a few tips. “In many areas, this is the time of year where salt, water, oxygen and metal react together most frequently and can cause long lasting problems. The paint, clearcoat, and hardener all in one can, producing a glossy finish. Global Top 10 and the PCI 25. RECOATABLE EPOXY PRIMER is a rust inhibitive high build catalyzed polyamide/bisphenol A epoxy primer designed for fast dry and quick or extended recoatability. every paint company will have both in their line somewhere because you cant do without it. By the way, it doesn’t have DuPont primers on it like the calendar says, Martin Senour primer was used. The original process was to apply 2 coats on the epoxy to the sandblasted and degreased seams. But you dont have to these primers key well these days. 1 epxy prmr gray 5221 2. (It is an affiliate link and I receive commission through sales) The Omni ® system offers performance and value for the cost conscious repair shop, with a complete range of refinish products from pre-treatments to topcoats. sand a small spot of Martin Senour etch primer before I painted a quarter panel. It was only in the shop for a few weeks. 95 billion – about 62 percent of total Company sales – and generated more than $766 million in segment profit. You’ll find the best paint primer for your specific need, everything from self-etching primers, epoxy primer paint, urethane auto primer, spray paint primer, high-build touch-up primer, flexible primer-surfacer, even weldable car primer paint. Satin Clear Lacquer. Martinsenour-autopaint. Self-etching primer doesn’t provide a good rust barrier, so if you use it on steel or another ferrous metal, you need to protect it until you spray another coat. The high build primer was Summit Racing 2K brand. Doesn't matter if it's primer/color coat or primer/base/clear. BEHR Premium Plus 8 oz. Alkylid enamels, even with additives, generally start fading and chalking after a couple years, at least in my sunny climate. er and shoots straight with me. It's fairly cheap, but good. The primer can be topcoated at any time after it has dried completely. A Professional Two-Part Auto Spray Paint in One Aerosol . They a neat, little and clean shop. Looking for Hardener? We feature Hardener for sale online. effects of overexposure:hlth haz: have develop cancer. They put a thick coat of undercoating after painting. 2 DuPont; 5. Warranty: Download  Martin Senour Paints 7220 TECNIQUE Self Etching Primer Aerosol Spray Can 12 Oz Speedokote High Build 2k Urethane Primer Gray Gallon Kit Smr-210/211  Mar 16, 2012 5. Being a professional with a rep he won't touch a car unless he can get it down to bare metal first. It's a long story. I carefully sprayed each part with their cleaner, wiped each down, and allowed all to dry. • KP21 House of Kolor Kwikure Epoxy Primer Surfacer • KP2CF House of Kolor Chromate Free Epoxy Primer Martin Senour • Martin Senour 2. 1 VOC DTM Epoxy Primer • Martin Senour 3. Aug 27, 2018 level progressively builds upon prior learning to continually advance each professional's HIGH LEVEL OBJECTIVES. I had to take the entire thing down to bare metal. I color sanded prior to top coat so I am not worried about adhesion. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. We are a long way from being ready to paint the truck, but as we complete parts (bed, fenders, etc), we have to shoot some primer on them. Because of their high solid content, two-pack primers are capable of producing a higher build which helps to achieve a flatter painting surface after it has been rubbed down. JP202 is a two-component, catalyzed urethane primer surfacer designed to deliver high film build, fast dry and Martin Senour Paints supplied the platinum and candy red colors. Available in gallons only. The Dutch Door Kit is available through FPE retailers or directly from Fine Paints of Europe. Color Products. You must remember polyester spray filler them years ago. Now I am ready to start spraying the filler primer on it and start blocking. Inspect . Any body work I did showed up, even the sanding scratches where I stripped certain areas. you MUST use epoxy or self etching primer. PCC® 1K Industrial Epoxy Primer | Martin Senour Auto. It is not a paint. A good high build primer helps Once the metalwork was complete and the flanks of the GTO were as smooth as 12-year-old scotch, two coats of Martin Senour acrylic enamel were applied over primer and sealer of the same brand. This section covers the finishes of the MGTF in type, material, and colors. Question: @opie7afe - i've come to the point where i am confused with all the different types of primer, i'm working on painting the whole front end of my car which is a single stage white toyota Shop online with our e-Store. I just picked it out of a sample book at the part store. Items 1 - 50 of 322 Contractor Building Products Contractor Handrail Touch-Up Paint - Tex. A premium quality lacquer primer surfacer formulated with high-quality resins. Going for kind of a primer effect anyway, so this seems the simplest, as long as clear lacquer can go straight on primer. It is a lot harder to sand once it has set up than high build primer. ) Step 6 There is a lot of marketing hype about "one-coat coverage". BTW the duplicolor stuff is acrylic laquer, and it's not available in a specific color I need. The body is all GM sheet metal and is painted with Martin Senour primer, sealer, base Read More exterior stain - Martin-Senour. Sort of reminds me of the time I decided to wet sand a small spot of Martin Senour etch primer before I painted a quarter panel. Also, buy a long sanding block, and hand block the whole car after primer, it will show any body work or dents your eyes miss. Series L69 High Build Epoxoline II. You DO NOT mix paint with thinner. then prime with a quality latex primer to provide the Show your true colors with GM auto touch-up paint Locate Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac paint color codes and download GM-specific color compatibility guides and reference materials for model years 2003 to the present. You don't want any of the cleaner to be trapped under your primer or paint! for goodness sakes just but the high grade product from the paint manufacture. 2. The TP520 dried to high-gloss finish, which could be used as a guidecoat for block-sanding. You also can apply a primer clear coat if desired. 1 coat Martin-Senour ® T. JP202 2K Primer Surfacer. We can put your original factory color in an aerosol for you. It's also a LOT cheaper than dupont products as a rule. This all depends on what brand of paint being used. See the inside back cover of our Tech Manual for the rest of the details. The salt of winter, the humidity of summer and a fair amount of neglect in between can do a number on your truck’s frame, axles and suspension. I looked into that as well. • Meets Class A requirements for Slip Coeffi cient, . martin senour high build primer

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