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A Ninja's Love (Kakashi x Pregnant Reader) Kakashi backed away from you, shocked at the fact that even after child birth, you still had the glare of death ready to go. Hatake Kakashi Lemon - The Accused. You have just told her and Clint the news. Pairing:Kakashi x Reader because I’m garbage . Now send this to ten other pictures on this one site, Kakashi drew back to send her a playful glare and she smirked, hands flying to his pants with the intention of getting them off and far, far away. Now every week on the day of her death she returns to the person that reads this letter, on a Monday night at 12:00 a. “I’m pregnant” Tony x Reader imagine “You have to tell him!” Wanda said excited. Kakashi x pregnant reader keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Written In Tears | Kakashi x Reader Warning: Angst. . He let her, watching her with lust in his eye and that escalating danger that made more excited than she cared to admit. shotta, kakashi, naruto. One of the Anbu standing in the room with you stepped forward, but Lady Tsunade put up a hand to stop him. 7:49 °•Why Can't I Just Buy Your Love When Sasuke bails out on Naruto when he finds out that the blonde haired jinchurriki is pregnant with his children leaves him alone to deal with the mess that the Uchiha left behind. Rating: T . Read The -not so great- news! from the story Kakashi X Reader LEMON: Baby Daddy by xxmajorotakuxx with 10,972 reads. Chad and I had been going out ever since we had met in the Soul Society; when he and his friends had broken in. ” “This isn’t funny, Kakashi-sensei,” Naruto fumed. Kakashi knew the idea was stupid, a complete waist of brain cells, but he agreed anyway, a secret part of himself silently hoping this would be a good enough reason to pursue the girl of his dreams, but now, as he stands there, in Y/n's living room, watching with such guilt and despair, how the girl cries and shakes, With this exclamation Kakashi moved and attacked. She creeps into your room and kills you slowly, by cutting you and watching you bleed to death. "I already told you, I don't remember!". Cross your fingers and hope for the best. PART 1 • MASTERLIST “This is good. But that still had not stopped him from leaving me a mug of tea on the table by the door. The Joker x Pregnant Reader 2 Well, it happened and that’s all there is to it. He waited for five seconds before he knocked once. Request from Anon: Hello there! Would you mind writing a fluffy Steve x reader? Just like Clint, Steve has a small house hidden away from the world. At least he didn’t try to kill you…yet. Nicknames~ Kakashi x Reader Oneshot by PirateQueenD. Pregnant {Luke Skywalker X Reader} “Here you are, at home you should be,” Yoda spoke plainly to Luke. narutoshippuden, naruto, oneshots. This entire dating thing was a completely new experience for me. The door began to creak open with an eerie sound. Karen is a snitch. Summary: you finally tell Loki you’re pregnant with his baby. Word Count:  16 Nov 2013 Kakashi returns home one day from a mission to find someone had broken into his house. Steve is the father. Master List Five months, that’s how long you had been Distress (Joker x Pregnant! Reader) “Imagine almost losing your baby when a deal goes wrong and it causing the Joker to go crazy. Warning(s ): Angst, Fluff, Mentions of Death. We’d met because I was charged with catching him alone. I rose out of my seat to see a "Kakashi x Obito" ~ Viviendo Juntos ~ (Doujinshi Yaoi) Bryan BL. Kakashi channeled chakra to his nose, trying to pick up whatever possible scents that he could. The best is yet to come - Kakashi Hatake x Reader 2/2. And in order to heal Kakashi he needs to take off his shirt best anbu thing. 23: We’ll get through this. Kakashi was always willing to accept my into his arms. If she was over 18, it's fine, but it makes people worried because in Boruto, Aizawa Shouta X Pregnant Reader Lemon. As a feeling of nausea rushes over me, and I’m hunched over the toilet for the third time this week. Steve x Pregnant!Reader. m. Sleeping With The Enemy--Sasuke Lemon “You JERK!!” I screamed at the top of lungs cause everyone in the cafeteria to quiet down. Unfortunately, circumstances and her adverse reaction to them threaten to keep her from doing just that. oneshots, mature, shikamaru. visitor's tags: kakashi hatake x reader pregnant man | kakashi hatake x reader pregnant with twins | kakashi hatake x reader pregnant barbie | kakashi hatake x reader pregnant games | kakashi hatake x reader pregnant halloween | kakashi hatake x reader pregnant celebrities | kakashi hatake x reader pregnant belly pictures | kakashi hatake x reader pregnant dog | kakashi hatake x reader Tears fell from her eyes, streaks through the bloodstained cheeks. [Author's Note: I started writin Chad x Fem!Chubby!Reader (REQ) ‘The Gentle Giant Can Be A Real Beast’ Request by the lovely @kissingscorpions. Kinoe and Kakashi encounter each other there and agree to work together, however, Kinoe soon attacks Kakashi in an attempt to take his eye. Check out our top 10 list below and follow our links to read our full in-depth review of each online dating site, alongside which you'll find costs and features lists, user reviews and videos to help you make the right choice. Morning Sickness - Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Reader - (REQUEST) Summary: In which (Y/N) is pregnant and doesn’t know what to do. 25 Jun 2017 Kakashi has been SUPER supportive of his girlfriend through the entire pregnancy. I DON'T KNOW WHEN I WAS KID I THOUGHT A CHARACTER HEALING ANOTHER CHARCTER WAS THE BEST LIKE MORE THEN THEM SMASHING. Kakashi's Sharingan didn't seem to be any help this time. Since the day they had met, George and {Y/N} knew that they were going to be stuck within each prompt; You and Draco are still in Hogwarts and you find out you’re pregnant (Gryffindor reader) part one; I wake up this morning and rush to my dorm bathroom. Rating: T. Unfortunately on this particularly cold night, Kakashi was not Kakashi always took over the heaviest lifting for her when he was at home, be it moving around furniture, stocking up the fire wood or only carrying the heavy plates to the table. Warning: Gender-Bender [Female!Naruto x Male!Hinata] Summary: After a very long mission, Uzumaki Naruko is eager to get home and ravish her hot but very quiet boyfriend, Hyuuga Hinata. Sep 17, 2016 sasucakes saucy talk gaara gaara x reader gaara imagine gaara scenario gaara scenarios gaara imagines naruto scenario naruto scenarios  Dec 9, 2016 When Kakashi first met his son, all he could do was smile down at him headcanons for gaara taking care of his newly pregnant s/o who's  Read Amazing (Kakashi Hatake Baby Daddy) from the story Naruto Oneshots by MemoriaMente (Miss Gotham) with 5773 reads. Kakashi knew well that it wasn’t her blood, it was her teammates, but that didn’t seem to calm Brianne. Read Kakashi x Pregnant! Reader from the story Naruto One Shots (x Reader) by princekeef (ズ乇乇キ) with 3,290 reads. If Kakashi had intercourse with Sakura, that's like a teacher having intercourse with a student. Neither of you have planned on starting a family, or even properly discussed it before. A/n if you skipped the Kakashi was speechless when you told him you were pregnant. Y/e/c - your eye color Y/f/c- your favorite color . Not only that, but the culprit had left behind a basket,  Tomio Hatake (はたけ富, Hatake Tomio) is the son of Aiko Senju and Kakashi he had a one-night stand with her, which resulted in her pregnancy with Tomio. I beamed at y/n. Anonymous said: May I have some Kakashi with a pregnant s/o? SFW please and . Every move was made difficult and uncomfortable by your swollen abdomen, your unborn baby protesting any Kakashi raised his hand and knocked hard on the wooden door, knocking twice. Kakashi was speechless when you told him you were pregnant. You wrapped your scarf tighter around your neck, burying your nose beneath the wool as you held your sides. One night when I sought Kakashi’s comfort, he was away on a mission. Kakashi Sensei Sasuke X Naruto Anime Naruto Naruto Shippuden Sasunaru Minato Kushina Shikamaru Boruto Narusasu Read 12 from the story Fotos KakaNaru by Naru-Sama (Yuko) with 582 reads. Prompt: Kakashi finds out his wife is pregnant before the war. Yandere Creepypasta X Pregnant Reader. You shot him a cold glare. “Kiba get out for a sec and take the baby. Prompt: Bucky and the reader are happily married, now she is pretty far in her pregnancy. In which Kakashi writes you a goodbye letter. T__TRead part 2 At a young age it took a lot for Minato not to get your pregnant hehehe. Pairing(s): Kakashi Hatake/Reader, (One-Sided, Past) Minato/Reader. Gray Fullbuster X Pregnant Reader. The Joker x Pregnant Reader Well, it happened and that’s all there is to it. It sits by a clear lake and is far from the lights of the city. hot, naruto, lemon. Marvel Bruce Banner Bruce Banner pregnant!reader Tony Stark Pregnant!Reader x Bruce Banner Pregnant!Reader X Bruce natasha romanoff Nat black widow iron man hulk captain america fluff angst pregnancy halkeye clint barton cats Reader x Bruce Fem!Reader x Bruce Reader x bruce banner fem!reader x bruce banner ill!reader fem!reader nick fury stark 2 Answers. Hope its ok x ***** You stretched out, kicking at the sheets and rolling onto your aching back. ” Requested by Anon: “Can you write one where the reader is pregnant and a deal goes bad and she almost loses the baby and mr j goes insane?!” At the same time, Kakashi is sent by Hiruzen to investigate a newly found hideout of Orochimaru's. First, you have odd cravings at ungodly hours. Anbu Kakashi x Anbu reader scenario where she's the team medic. The type of food you were craving of was not the easiest to buy in convenient stores. Heartbeat - 2STEVE ROGERS x stark!reader Y/n is pregnant. Jul 28, 2016 "It looks just like you," Kakashi said as he watched you cradle the child. Kakashi x Reader It was you You sat in a tree in the training grounds admiring the beautiful night sky, which tonight was decorated with more stars than any other night you had seen before. ” I said. Aizawa Shouta X Pregnant Reader Lemon. That’s probably a strange way to start a letter. Koi Suru Valentine Taiyou x Asuka 1 - Duration: 7:49. [[MORE]]I’m sorry. Unmasked Kakashi x Reader - Chapter One Read Chapter One from the story Unmasked Kakashi x Reader by SinDumpling (Yang 🐉) with 115,136 reads. And it ends in a confession. Type of piece: Scenario. No one said parenthood was supposed to be easy, but he's scared to be alone during this point within the path of life. Su Huynh 5,106,361 views. Aizawa Shouta X Pregnant Reader Lemon Being pregnant was amazing, you were bringing a miracle to life. Another two seconds and he knocked four times. I wrote this at 2 a. Kakashi nodded his head as if he were an obident little child. Well, Kakashi has saved girls' life rapidly over the years like Rin. Kakashi was fast, faster than many shinobi he encountered and killed in all of his fights, but his injured state and near-non-existant chakra levels clearly gave him the disadvantage. Title: Knowledge Is Power [Itachi Uchiha x Son!Reader]. Download MP3 Obito X Reader Pregnant 2018 Free · Read More List of attractive kakashi x reader ideas and photos | Thpix · Read More  100+ Itachi Uchiha X Reader Lemon HD Wallpapers – Epic HD · Read More . You shouted at the 5th Hokage. Her clothes were soaked in it, the blood, and she was covered in it as well. Jimin love to have a baby with you but a pregnant woman was not the easiest person to take care of. Tony is pissed. And Kakashi being Kakashi he doesn't want accept help. Aizawa Shouta X Pregnant Reader Lemon All Yours (Bucky x Pregnant!Reader) Request: Hello love! Can you do a Bucky imagine where the reader is pregnant with his baby and he’s nervous and scared but once the baby comes he gets super Pregnant- Colossus x Reader. Kakashi pleads Kinoe to stop, telling him that comrades shouldn't kill each other. Naruto fandom. One Shots Aot Jealousy Levi X Reader X Erwin Xxx Page 2 · Read More · Kakashi X Self Harm Reader . You've been kidnapped by a group of independent nins, they're interrogating you but of course your boyfriend Kakashi would never Kakashi x depressed reader keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Daddy Kakashi Chapter 1: Babies don't appear out of nowhere "So, I take it the mission was a success?" Tsunade asked, eyeing the four people in front of her desk. “He will find out eventually, anyway, so the sooner you tell him, the Anonymous asked: *Politely* BUKI Boy x Pregnant! Reader *NO LEMON*, please? Anon! This is the old one Tumblr ate. 42: I’m Pregnant. Kakashi sighed heavily and ran his hand through his hair once again, trying to process the situation at hand. He's read every book, been to every class, went to ask  11 Jun 2017 Anonymous said: angst headcanon anbu kakashi getting s/o pregnant? Answer: Kakashi•Okay so I don't remember exactly how old Kakashi  23 Jun 2017 Answer: Hatake Kakashi With a Daughter Headcanons• Kakashi's daughter will inherit his unruly hair and as a proud proponent of 28 Mar 2018 Pairing(s): Kakashi Hatake/Reader, (One-Sided, Past) Minato/Reader. "Don't call me child an 'it'!" Kakashi backed  May 30, 2016 Family (kakashi x reader) Ps. All you knew is Kakashi never mentioned anything about wanting or not wanting kids to you, so you had no clue how he’d react. It didn't take long for Itachi to gain the upper hand. Minato is a romancer, he will do anything to set the mood, and like Kakashi he much rather take his time with you than having a quicky. good omens good omens x reader aziraphale x reader aziraphale x pregnant!reader aziraphale x reader x pregnant!reader reader insert good omens reader insert my writing reese writes the ineffable queue genderfluid!Crowley Fem!Crowley best friend!Crowley Pregnant!Reader X Loki Words: 936 Warning: fluff, references to sex, pregnancy. Imagine: George Weasley x Pregnant!Reader Imagine: Becoming soon-to-be parents with George Weasley. Key: Y/n- Your name Y/m/n- your middle name Y/h/c- your hair color. Korenai walked inside of his home to sweet talk you into getting you to go somewhere with her. that's a great story, I liked it very much! actually I came here while searching for a story with kakashi x prisoner!reader Chapter 1: Not On My Panties! “Well,” said Kakashi, “I told you before: you stay in that form too long, you’ll get stuck in it. He understood that she could handle these things easily herself and would do exactly that when he wasn't at home but when he was present he would do his damnest to relieve some of the work from her, especially now that she was pregnant. The soft moonlight cascaded down your skin as you sighed, releasing part of the stress that came with tomorrow’s events. I kept brushing it off as food poisoning, but now I’m not so sure. naruto, manga, fluff. when I was half asleep. Being the husband of a pregnant wife was difficult. May 16, 2014 "Mom, why is everyone mad at me? Am I doing something wrong? I talk to them and I even gave them back their ball when it rolled off, but why  Apr 10, 2017 Anonymous said: May I have some Kakashi with a pregnant s/o? Kakashi would make certain that he isn't late for any of the appointments . The unforgiving winter of Konoha was at its peak as you walked down the blustery cobblestone road. He left his door unlocked and sometimes even stayed up with me. Tag(s): N/A. ” “HeeeHWhy?!” Kiba whined “I wasn’t asking!” Tsume scowled. Kiba left scarred and a little disapointed. Kakashi X Sick Reader Akatsuki x Reader Oneshots - Sasuke x Pregnant!. Now send this to ten other pictures on this one site, Hatake Kakashi/Reader; Hatake Kakashi; hired nin; Reader; kakashi x reader - Freeform; hero kakashi; Kidnapping; Medic!Reader; Marriage Proposal; bakakashi; damsel!reader; gender neutral!reader; Angst; Fluff; Summary. This is sort of a sequel to . He rescued her, but later on, she made him killed herself. Gif Tummy Talk (Bucky Barnes x Pregnant! Wife! Reader) Originally posted by little--batman. Chad x Fem!Chubby!Reader (REQ) ‘The Gentle Giant Can Be A Real Beast’ Request by the lovely @kissingscorpions. Welcome to our reviews of the Gray Fullbuster X Pregnant Reader (also known as What is Premises Liability Coverage). Summary: anonymous asked: “I love love love your work! Could I request Something with Piotr and his wife going through a rather difficult labour and then Piotr spending time with their new born daughter when his wife finally goes to sleep? Diego Hargreeves x Pregnant!Reader headcanon Hey, so I’m back, I just want to say that it started as an imagine in my head, but then it changed so that’s why it took so long for this to get here. He looked baffled, confused to what the Jedi Master was telling him. I promise. kakashi x pregnant reader

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